hoppy easter.

(ain't my title so BUNNY?! Ha-ha. Okay, I can't take credit for its dorkaliarity (dorky + hilarity) - props to my math teacher who dismissed us by saying such words. I laughed. Yes, I was the only one that genuinely found it funny. Yes, IT REALLY IS FUNNY. There's this certain level of intellect that, obviously, my lowly classmates failed to grasp. Oh, but the play on "bunny" and "funny"? Yeah, that's entirely me. I CANT HELP THAT I'M SO INTELLECTUALLY CLEVER. shBAM, peers...)

I believe Easter is one of those holidays where you can just wear pastels and no one cares. Kind of like Christmas and dorky holiday sweaters. But only with pastels. Except for no one actually wheres dorky holiday sweaters. Unless they have a super fly group of friends who host dorky holiday sweater parties (wishlist!). Um, so basically I've rounded about so, urm, GO PASTELS and that's all.

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Dogs are the new bunnies. Like, in relation to Easter, I mean..
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And right after this photo, I realized I lost my dog. Oh BAM APRIL FOOLS. My sister was holding her. Ha-ha, scared yaaaa.
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Lilac is my new favourite colour.
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Got this amazingly crafted head band in Singapore. The ridiculous (as in ridiculously LOW) prices did not help my new found obsession - scccratttchhh - INFATUATION with head bands and head pieces and feathers and mini hats and stuff you put in your hair that look like an explosion type of things. Love.
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Kind of passed the pendant stage. But this girl is a cutie patutie...
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SUBWAY SHOT. (oh hi, I'm in Toronto. My real town isn't cool enough to have subways. Or, well, anything cool except for maybe Value Village which doesn't really count unless your over the age of 70. Or just insanely awesome. Or me.) White tights are proving to be a challenge to find but I believe these trump such tights so HAH i don't even like you.
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(Dress - Singapore $20 :|, Pink Skirt, underneath - Pacific Mall $7.50, Blazer - Value Village $7, Tights - Forever 21, Lady Necklace - Pacific Mall, Shoes - NYC, Headband - Singapore)

So, at last, I hope you all have a joyous Easter. Or at least a break. Or at least I hope you have a break. For me, it's been a party of holidays with Spring Break, and then April Fools, and then Easter so Yay! (Slash April Fools didn't even count because no one did anything cool so like WASTE. I miss the days when we were so naive and teachers would be like "popquiz" and we'd be like "what?" and they'd be like "aprilfools" and we'd be like "omg" and they'd be like "yeah. yeahimcoolnow" and we'd be like "yeahyeahhh...").

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I send you all virtual Kinder Surprise eggs (because those are the BEST eggs and I hope they go on post-Easter sale tomorrow at Walmart where I can buy them in bulk because then PERHAPS one of those eggs' surprise will be cool and not, say, a lame four piece puzzle like last year's. stillbitter?notatall.)
How's your holidays? Specifically, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE tell me an April's Fool story - bold, it's getting SERIOUS - that I can perhaps live through to compenstate for the lack of foolish spirit on the first of April at my household and bleh.


Lexi Colby said...

adorable pictures! you look so cute!

Kiki said...

On April Fool's, a bunch of classmates saran-wrapped the social teacher's car. We all hate him, and were hoping that would make him angry enough to sprout some hair for his poor, aging scalp.

Or, y'know, maybe he'd have an aneurysm, and that would be good enough. ^^'

-Kiki xo


Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

haha yes I love the title, that flower in your hair is beautiful and I love the tights. Hope you have an awesome easter

Mel said...

HAHA you're hilarious Lexy! Sorry I have no April Fool's stories or even Easter stories, seeing how I celebrate neither. But I like the idea of getting away with wearing lots of pastels :) I love your houndstooth jacket and tights!

Naka said...

i love ur tights and jacket :3

Panda said...

Gorgeous outfit, and i love the way you write, your so funny! :)
Panda. x

Jing said...

i love the blazer! :)

Leah said...

I love the headband and your dog is so adorable. Happy Easter my dear! xoxo

Pierrot le Fou said...

i love your look! very gorgeous!

i completely forgot about april fools this year but a couple of years ago my science class yelled 'BEE!' and ran around screaming for 20 minutes to fool the teacher...and get out of work ;)

Nadia Kamballa said...

Pretty outfit! Love the headband and pendant...

The closest I got to April Fool is writing "April Fool!" on my Twitter updates.. Lame, I know! :p


Juliet said...

so romantic!:)
you look gorgeous, like always, of course!haha

I really like your jacket!:)
happy easterrr!
xxx darling

Tori said...

This is so cute! I love all the lace and those boots. :)

Erika said...

Happy, Happy Easter, my love! I hope your day is full of chocolate-covered bunnies and colorful eggs!! :)

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

love that you wore pastels but contrasted it with the blazer...
and that headband is indeed adorable...do you ever stare at an intricately made item and wonder, really, the steps they did to make it? or is it just me?hehe.

♥ bags of love giveaway | vanilla ice cream ♥

Phyllis said...

my friend fb invited us all to his sudden arranged marriage - but he really really made it sound legit - ah haha oh well i kind of wanted to go to a wedding for the fun =)
anywho - happy easter hun! you look great

Ali said...

Your jacket is a little big just to the point where it looks perfect. Wonderful. :D!

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

LOVE those tights.. you look so cute!

michelle_ said...

happy easter to you too lexy !
you look gorgeous in that giant headband and the houndstooth coat !
andddd yyaaayyy for blazers ! we cant get enough of blazers cant we.. (oh well..cant blame the fact that great minds think alike..) :P

those tights are adorable by the way :D

michelle || glisters and blisters

diana! said...

i love your otfit so much!!!really:)hhhaa
your dress,headband,blazer!
happy easter too:)

Jen said...

Your dog, your headband, your necklace - oh my! Such gorgeous things!

I've been wearing pastels all weekend... except today, it's far too grey and cold! :) x

chopsticks girl said...

hello :3 don't know if you remember me, it's Natalie from toastandcereal. I closed that blog down but this is my new one ^.^
anywho I featured you in my latest post xo

Anonymous said...

you are adorable!! :)

B a la Moda said...

You look super cute and perfect for the occasion. I love your headdress and the doll necklace.

B* a la Moda

Diane said...

Haha, dogs are the new bunnies :)) that;s funny! Actually I was fooled on April 1 by my bf who convinced me his leg was broken and by my mom who said we had some guests I can't stand. I didn't realized it was a joke until they said so :))

I love that head band!!

Have a Happy Easter!


Audrey Allure said...

Pretty headpiece, and love your outfit. You look so cute!

Zoe said...

I love you and your interesting combinations of patterns, garments, and textures so much, that I gave you a sunshine award!
You can claim it here:

And P.S. I totally fell for an April Fools day trick! I completely fell for the thing where "google changed it's name" to Topeka.

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Sorry, no fun April Fool stories - my class fell on the floor at 2:30, and that's about it. Emmm I want a Kinder Egg, I hate when they have lame toys!

Deepali said...

Love the pics, your outfit is so cute! The whole look suits you so well!

English Rose ♥ said...

one of my favourite outfits of yours ever Lexy - i love it!

Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

szela said...

unfortunately, i don't have any april fool's day joke to tell you. there was a blackout in the office tho and some of my colleagues thought that might have been a AF joke. that's just about as 'exciting' as my AF went.

anyhoos, happy easter's doll! you're looking as adorable as ever. and dogs make the best bunnies during easter! =D

Anonymous said...

Awww this is such a cute easter outfit w/ the cute stockings

Ruta said...

Such adorable outfit. I love love those tights. They are so cute. Love all the lace, the combination is just so adorable.

Anonymous said...

this is a really contrasting outfit. the purple is very...easter? :D and your necklace is definitely a harajuku girl, udek. and i'm guessing canadian weather is still freezing?

Gabby said...

Ughh, I really want your tights but I can't find those anywhere. You want to buy me some? HAHA :)

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

You look mighty fine wit dem purdy flowers in yo hair girrrrl.


Nice outfit, duh!

Patty Ann said...

i love the little dolL!!

AlphaBetaChic Blog

Hypeed.com ☀☀ said...

So lovely!

xx Alex