oh hey day, you decided to pass by quickly. huh.

Hello children and birdies!

(That was weird.)

How art thou? Thou art fantastic. Hope thou arst as welleth. Thou willst stop trying to sound Shakespearian on the basis of just completing the non-real version of King Lear.

Yeah. I'll just stop talking in general. (BUT HEY. DON'T HATE. AT LAST. AN OUTFIT POST. Holllaaaa.)

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Don't know if you noticed (possibly - scratch - PROBABLY not, as my paint/ contrast + brightness adjustment skills = killer) buuuut, OH HEY THERE, I'm kickin' these pictures old school. YES. Yes it is THAT. What's that? you ponder. THAT OLD BEIGE WALL. Magic of Paint skillzz. (Note the double z.) Oh sigh. How far we've come my friends. (It really is the same wall. I really am a wizard with Paint. Really, sillys.)
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oh holllla, shameless-self promotion. Yet to debut this skirt a la blog but it, indeed, is my newest addition to homemade stuff. AND THAT IS FROM A LOOONG TIME AGO. Um, tears for having no time to sew? (Get it? Huh? Tears? Like "cheers"? Yeah. Yeah, I'm good like that.)

Kisses. New Twitter picture? I think yes. Yes when I have time. But, yes, nonetheless. No?
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(Blouses - Value Village, Skirt - DIY**, Shoes - Value Village, Tights - H&M, Headband - NYC Vendor)

And guys. I'm almost literally bouncing up and down because 1) I'm half asleep and I'm trying to stay up but we'll shush about that one and 2) I have LOTS of cool jazz to post.

The bad news with the latter is that it's a triple whammy this week (as in three tests/ exams in a row) but, as I like to say, teachers understand if you fail. Um. I've never actually said that (which, is a really testament to 1) in that I'm a little exhausted). The moral of the story is I WILL TRY MY HARDEST to post. I'm excited. You're excited. We're all excited.


P.S. Don't forget to check out my Guest Post below. I will check out your blogs soon because, yes, I'm aware that I'm two weeks behind s'yea. But, really, refer to the above paragraph.
I need time.

Smiley face.


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love this outfit. All those pretty colours make me so happy. This outfit screams 90's to me. Love love.

Ali said...

I love these very happy happy pictures of yours. You do indeed have some BEE-CHIN (bee chins, aha) pix.

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...



I don't like this outfit/post though.

I LOVE IT. AW yeeeeah. I went there.

Naka said...

cute photos ^^ i love ur skirt :3

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Love the outfit, so fun and colourful.

Embodying Fashion said...

Love ur Value Village blouse, that colours is so intense, that necklace is fabulous too.

April said...

love your photos, love your skirt, love your posts always!

Braffinator said...

You have the coolest fashion sense ever!

Leah said...

Such cute and fun images... I love the effects you did. And your outfit is so cute and fun too. Love the jacket and hairband and the skirt. Fabulous as always! xoxo

Melissa said...

that right there is some paint skills!! haha!
awesome outfit, love the colours!!

Anonymous said...

Yo. Really diggin' the fit. :) and of course i love the jewels.

Phyllis said...

im so behind in blogging too... and i'm lovin the paint skillz lexy =) fun outfit

Jing said...

you look so happy on those pictures! the colors of your outfit are so refreshing!lovely!

CC said...

LOVE the outfit! The skirt is adorable, the blouse is super pretty, the tights are uber lovely and you, my friend, are freaking awesome. =)

diana! said...

you look so fun with your outfit!
can't wait to your next post

mel said...

hehe triple wammys! i lov ethis outfit! your amazing use of colour always blows me away:) and i love the standout gold jewelry, and you look stuninng

kumar said...

cool post looks bit weird but good nice post

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

Great outfit! I love how you edited the photos.

Erika said...

So basically I love you! You are such an animated, fun, free-spirit. Not just in terms of style, but in regards to personality, as well. Love love!

Good luck on your exams!! :)

Rach said...

You always look so exuberant in your pictures, its great! Your style is definitely lives up to your blog's name :]

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

always loved colors on you...
and yeah, i know how it feels to be sleepy but really trying to stay awake...i work nights! it's hard!hehe

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

fhen said...

really love this outfit!
the colours pop and makes me happy!
love it to the maxx


Anonymous said...

Oh, you're the best. Your posts always light up my day. (seriously!)
I love your skirt, your headband, your blouses, oh wah, and your face is cool.

Good luck with school!

Poppy said...

Lovely lovely photos!such a nice outfit!

The blazer is gorgeous!


olivias-pizzaz said...

YOU ARE AWESOME! Amazing outfit seriously I want to steal your wardrobe haha!

kumar said...

hi thanks for lovely comment i am so happy to see you in my bloge
be in touch

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

nice style..
wanna exchange link and or follow me??

Audrey Allure said...

Great outfit, love the colors!

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

superb! cool! love the colors combination :)


michelle_ said...

loved this high contra outfit post !
you totally rocked that blue and pink color combos !
its great to see outfit shots form u lexy :)

Clara said...

amazing pics
lovely blog!!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

These pictures look really good, how do you do them? I severly fail at paint and photoshop!

dotie said...

fab pics..you really need to share your -as you say- paint skillzz ;)

amazing color combo <3<3<3

eclectic du jour

Anonymous said...

Such a funky outfit. Love it


NBeteck said...

i <3 quirky explosion!