just because it's snowing in may.

And the cow jumped over the moon...

OH HAI GUYS. Didn't see ya there? (Aren't I a silly goose?) I guess it's maybe because you ALL HAVEN'T SEEN ME IN SO LONG. Wowza! Time has been speeding by and, well, since you last saw me I'm a changed person. No, not really. But I did venture off west, write the SATs, host a Green Fashion Show, and fail an AP exam. Huh. Fun stuff? Yes, actually, because they're all related to the FUTURE and that just makes me ridiculously ECSTATIC.

What better way to welcome me back than by not me? (Okay. That question didn't make sense, but I'm high on long week exhaustion so shhh.) I got an email sometime ago (to be honest, days and weeks are kind of a blur. Maybe because they're WHIZZING by. ha-ha?), but, ANYWAYS, I got a lovely email asking about guest blogging. Let me say that I'm not usually the most easily smitten person (okay, that's a lie), but I really was quite a lot smitten, as blog-related emails kind of make me feel like I'm a big deal, so of course I said yes!

So here it is! A lovely contribution from Pammy Rosen from Luello. Check it out and enjoy the change of post-ery. (Get it? Like, scenary? But posts? Hah? No? No.)

William Rast: Hip, Cultural Clothing

William Rast is turning out to be one of the hottest and hippest fashion lines around the world. Inspired by the edgiest biker fashion and grounded in America's rich denim heritage, the fashion line provides a truly unique viewpoint on fashion. The fashion line, created by Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala, has expanded from fashion grounded in denim to contemporary fashion including leather, outerwear, and knits.

Based in Los Angeles, California, William Rast contains a fascinating history and reveals a true partnership between Timberlake and Ayala. Take the name, "William Rast," for instance. The name is actually a combination of Justin Timberlake's grandfather's own first name and Trace Ayala's grandfather's last name. Talk about mixing American cultural history with the latest in fashion!

Don't miss out on your chance to see what William Rast is all about this upcoming summer. The label has some truly exciting fashion to offer that will leave you feeling invigorated, confidant, and ready to conquer the world.

My top five picks for this upcoming summer from William Rast include the following:
1. The Sienna Legging in Azure
The Sienna Legging is sure to turn heads this summer. This hot pair of jeans is fitted to perfection for women. The color of these jeans is striking. Not too bright, but just bright enough. These are the sort of skinny jeans that float "under the radar" while becoming the next hot item for summer. Keep an eye out for Sienna Legging William Rast jeans on sale, and you’ll be a hit wearing them out to clubs or bonfires on the beach.

2. Leather Jacket-Butter
This is truly one of my favorite items from William Rast. This jacket is sexy, yet highly sophisticated. Want to wow your interviewer for a future job? Wear this jacket, and then head out to celebrate with friends after. You'll surely get the job with this no-holds jacket for a woman who means business.

3. The Dixie Mini
Summer is meant for denim miniskirts. Why not get your denim mini from the brainchild of hip fashion for this upcoming summer? Rast's dixie mini is pure genius and will make your boyfriend jealous of your attention-grabbing sex appeal.

4. Graphic RAST Crew Tee
For guys, the graphic RAST crew tee is great for going out with the guys for a night on the town. The tee is awesome, and even greater to snag for only $55.00. Going out with your girlfriend for a night on the town? Wear this shirt, and your fashion credo will go up in her book. For women looking to amp up a guy's wardrobe, this shirt will totally do the trick. Edgy and hip, this shirt is sure to be a pleaser this summer.

5. Jake Regular Straight Upland Jeans
Another great pair of jeans for the guys. These dark denim jeans are the essence of cool confidence. You can head over to the streets to play a round of basketball, and then head out to dinner with the girlfriend in these jeans. The jeans are versatile just for you this summer.

Thanks again for contributing! Make sure you check out Luello.

I must admit that "hottest" and "hippest" aren't usually words that I'd associate my personal style to, but that's the beauty of fashion and its ability to be so diversely spread amongst so many people. These clothes definitely have that air of oh la la to them and I'm kind of envisioning the cool biker couple on their rad vespa rocking these outfits. Or maybe, you know, YOU. Hope you enjoy! Thanks again!

P.S. Regular posting SHOULD resume soon. (Not going to make promises due to busy schedules and jazz but, as a lady in a french accent would say, ve vill zeeee.)

Adorbz. Hearts for y'all. Can I get an awwww?


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Oh such a cool clothing line. Love that leather jacket. I want it. So amazing.

Glad you're back :)

Missed your posts.

Naka said...

awwww and nice clothes ^^

FashionJazz said...

Luv this clothing line! xxx

toxic disco boy said...

im drawn to the jacket. cute!

Melissa said...

yay youre back! awesome clothing line! :)

Andie said...

HEYYY YOURE BACK!! so am i :)) but your post is such a great comeback post...does that make sense?
anyways those sienna pants look awesome, i want a pair!!


Nadia Kamballa said...

I want that leather jacket!! And the jeans, too.