it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas...

... could not be any more of a cliche title. But, meh, it's true.

This is evident with not only the Christmas decor and et cetera (oh, I've so always wanted to spell it out!), but also with the on slew of Holiday parties that I have to attend (obviously, I'm just Ms. Popular, duhhh). This outfit was worn whilst partying the night away into the early morning. Um, just to make note, by "partying," I mean hanging out with my Asian family for a dinner and "into the early morning," I mean lying on the couches, half asleep, whilst watching SNL. Obviously, I'm a party animal. I mean, obviously. They don't come much crazier than me, I tell ya!

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I wasn't really feeling the "skin tight sequin clubbing look," so I threw on my purple skirt over top of my dress (yes, it's purple! I don't know why the pictures make purple look blue...).
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Currently loving statement necklaces just because why not?
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(Blazer - Value VIllage $7, Sequin Dress - Value Village $12, Purple Skirt - DIY, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Mum's, Necklace - Aldo $12, Ring - Peru)

And when I'm not attending my multiple Christmas parties (which is, obviously, a very rare moment in my life, being Ms. Popular and all), I've been slaying at my parents' Christmas gifts. (Okay, well "slaying" is slightly dramatic. I've - enjoyably - completed the entire two seasons of the Rachel Zoe during such process).
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I didn't take pictures of my finished drawings (and, quite frankly, I don't plan on unwrapping my gifts for the sake of your viewing, as much as I like y'all), but here are photos of the outside of their cards. Fortunately, my parents don't have access to my blog (nor do they know what a "blog" is on that matter), so I won't be ruining any surprises!
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AWWWW. Aren't we cute children? (Note: we weren't really. My sister was super red and I was just overweight. I can post photos - that are rather humorous, in fact - if you care to have a giggle at our misfortune.)

Lastly, to all my wonderful readers:
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slash Happy Holidays!!! I hope you all have a wonderful day spent with your family and close friends and you're all amazing and not Scrooges (hmph, I tried to think of something sly to tie "Scrooge" and how you all are not like him, but obviously I failed. I mean, no. That was really funny...).

Thank you so much for stopping by! :) If I were Santa, you'd all be my Rudolph! (Okay, here I go again with these lame Christmas-isms. I'm just going to stop talking now.)


Anonymous said...

first to comment? if yes, then YAY!

but trust me, i party as hard as you do. ASIANS FTW! we should get together and throw the biggest bash ever with tights that makes mallrat chicks give us second looks :DD

i like the outfit and how really uncheap/elegant it looks. i mean cuz nowadays in the mall, kids spend their money on really cheap looking clothes. while the cool chicks like us rock two dollar pieces and making them look stunnin.

and yes, you two are cute kids. you remind me of my sister and i. i swear, you don't know it yet but we're alike in sooo many ways, it's freaky.


p.s. sorry for leaving a long comment :D

Annie said...

I love your outfit! The sequins and the shoes and the pink and purple, it's all awesomely lovely.

Leah said...

Love the skirt over the dress... simply fabulous.

Merry Christmas Lexy!

betz said...

Lexy, you and your sisters are soooo cute. and i love how you play with colors in your outfit! works really well!


DIANA DYE said...

You are such a Creative talented girl! i love every post that you post hahaha! The simplicity of it all swallows me into a big awwwwwww!! when i see your cute pics! your outfit very quirky ahaha! your self-confidence is amazing!!

Rica said...

HAHAHA you are sooooo funny, i like your sarcastic humor and stuff. its ok we're the same on that. i also like to party. and by party means like two people, watching family guy, eat junk foods and watch bizarre food. thats my life and fortunately, i kinda like it.

your outfit is colorful and you know i love colorful stuff. they are just joy in my eyes. wish im a real teenager to rant about other teenagers wearing skinny jeans and hannah montana tshirts. haha.

merry xmas to you dear and to your asian family (hey, im not racist ok?lol)



Jen said...

ahaha i love all your little lame christmas sayings, this post made me laugh :) and watching snl while passed out on the couch counts as a party in my world.

oh, and i love how you wore the skirt over the dress. you look so adorable :)

Kristin said...

A big thumbs up to that fabulous bubble gum statement necklace!

Urooba said...


Jen said...

Gorgeous outfit, amazing drawings, cute photos! I love your blog, it's fab. Merry Christmas to you!

Krimly said...

I would like to wish you Merry Christmas!!!


lisa + cathy said...

as per usual you find the most awesomest things at value village. I envy your snow and value village shops. I'm MEGA digging that sparkle dress/sleeve top, i'm absolutely going to look everywhere for something like that, hahahaha you what you've done to me? your such a style icon with your bold approaches with your style, Cant wait for more to come in 2010, MERRY CHRISTMAS LEXY

emily said...

i adore the skirt/slip/pink tights combo. and those cards were super-amazing, so the presents must have been asdlknf;anf!!!

M. said...

that outfit looks amazing, I would never put those two bright colors together but you pull it off well!


Erika said...

Skirts over dresses = love!! Layering is one of my BFF's in terms of fashion!! And you and your sis? Too, too adorable!! :)

Gabby said...

Another cute outfit Ms. Popularity. Very cute baby photos I might say.


Thanks for all your sweet comments!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

those tights and necklace together are awesome!

ANN said...

Hahaha I'm also wearing a skirt over a dress in my outfit today! I didn't know anyone else who did that until I saw your post :) This outfit looks sooo good. Merry Christmas!

Diane said...

Hy ! Thanks for the comment! Love your outfit in this post and I also like your blog a lot!

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Oh very cute
Happy Holidays

michelle_ said...

what a gorgeous post lexy !!
i love how you photographed those childhood memories of yours. and yes you do look super kawaiii (cute in jap if u dun know..hehe) in d picturess..

and love how u used the waater color dripping technique for the happy holiday signage !

as for ur outfit, am totally lovin statement necklaces as well ! they work the best with muted colors like ur black sequin top ! by the way, are u wearing lace pants under ur blue (or purple..haha) skirt ?
i think its looks awesome !

i think i wanna do an interview with you for a blog feature if you're okay with it . :D

thanks for the sweet comments as always !
GLISTERS AND BLISTERS. blogspot . com would love to wish a very MERRY CHRISTMAS !
<3 may you wishes come true .

xoxo . Michelle ..

Anonymous said...

you are just so very adorable!!!

happy happy holiday! wish you all the best in the new decade, xx

Kelsey Kaysen said...

your skirt is lovely i might steal it just and fyi...thanks for commenting on my blog come back sometime

Andie said...

i want to steal that blazer, its perfect! and i can sense that the skirt is purple, but it does look blue first glance, sucks when that happens. dang youre so talented! wish i could sketch like that.

and merry christmas to you!
hope you had a good one!


Naka said...

love the outfit and the skirt over dress ^^

nice necklace and photos :3

Valencia Lia said...

I LOVEEEEE your sequin dress! And its more beautiful you've paired it over with a skirt and those tights,perfection here!

Your necklaces always wow me as they're so eye-catching:)

You draw sooooo well too,so envious!


The F Word Online said...

this outfit is wild ! pink, blue, sequins, i love it. you wore it so well. slash I was wondering if you'd like to exchange links with me. would love for u to stop by more often as I too would love to stop by

xx lue

Merry Christmas !

Melissa~ said...

gorgeous skirt!!!

Penny said...

Stunning outfit; love the sequins with the baby pink color. Thanks again for stopping by and taking time to comment! :)

ANN said...

I already commented on this post but I just gave you an award! Haha it's on my blog :)

Phyllis said...

damn girl - you are SO talented!! love the sketch, and the huge shoulders, and the sequins, and the poppin' asian family parties (i feel ya, haha).
hope you had a lovely xmas!!

Eva Silviana said...

Wow you look so gorgeous on your outfit. I love the way you put your blue skirt with the pink tights. So adorable :))

And congrats to be the featured on glisters and blisters. You deserve it hehe.


Muhammad. Ersa Adiprsetya said...

wow you are so adorable lexy..
i love your style :)

i know your blog from michelle...
nice to know you lexy..
have a wonderfull holiday :)

visit my blog if you want :


thank you

Melz said...

ur blog is so amaze me.. and i know ur blog from michelle.
and ur outfit so wonderfull
have a wonderful holiday
i will follow u :) hope u follow me back :) http://bubblymelz.blogspot.com/

English Rose ♥ said...

darling, you could not be more adorably stylish if you tried

Thanks so much for the lovely comment dearest

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas

Stay safe and chic darling
English Rose x

Shop T.O. Live said...

So into your style - amazing how you can rock value village like that.

And I love your baby pics - you were so cute. (I looked like a monster when I was young - I was chubby and bald until I was three!)


Juliet said...

you have and amazing blog and your style it's wonderful!
I love it!
can I add your blog to my favourites?
xoxo from spain!

roxanne said...

this is my first time to the blog, and i have to say your style is absolutely amazing, kind of like a young 0's focused susie bubble.. will definitely be back, hope you enjoyed the holidays!

Elaine said...

You have such an eccentric colorful style! I love it!!! And yes... that is how I party too!! with Asian family staying up late at night... hahaha!


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Merry Christmas! What did you get (I find others findings very humorous and exciting)?

Gizelle said...

wow, you can really pull off colors..and lots of them!

i'm really loving your blog so i'm definitely putting you on my blog roll! :D

merry christmas!