walking in a winter wonderland (minus the winter, that is)

*Cringe, I hope these photos load okay. I'm experimenting with Imageshack*

I'll have you know that there's one thing that irks me about winter (well, there are a few, to be honest, but that's aside the point): when the temperature is freezing - winter coat material, that is - yet there is no snow! This just doesn't seem right. It's like Winter is only putting in a 50% effort. Little slacker, he is. I mean, if it's going to be cold, then there might as well be snow! (Possibly going to regret saying this phrase in the future, but anyways...)

So, as you can tell from this "winter-esque" pictures, there is no snow. But it is cold, trust me!

Anyways, I bring this matter of Winter because it was the annual Christmas Lunch at my school. It's one of the cheesiest days, ever, but I love Christmas, so I end up having a blast taking pictures with Santa and singing Christmas carols. Obviously, I was in a bit of the Christmas spirit whilst taken these photos.. (NOTE: Christmas tree).

I got accused of "not dressing up." In retrospect, my original plan of going full out red-and-green wouldn't have been so bad considering many came in full-on Christmas sweaters. But look, "I'm a snowflake, y'alll!" (Hence, more muted colours. I take my snowflake duties seriously, you know!)

This sweater is so amazing. The beadwork is incredible. I just can't get over it! I'm usually attracted to more "BAM POW! COLOUR IN YOUR FACE"-esque things, but I certainly fell in love with this stunna!

Layering skirts will probably be one of my, personal, winter trends..

(Sweater - Value Village $10, Skirts - Pacific Mall $7 each, Blazer - Value Village $5, Tights - DIY, Belt - Thrifted $1)

I loved reading your last comments (I always do!) - but they were really fun to read. It's funny how personalities can come through clothes and fashion! A lot of you said that I'm probably really optimistic (which I am. To the point where this might come crashing down on me in the future), so I decided it might fun to switch up and share some of the things that irk me. Because everyone's irked by a few things, no? And my outfits not as "BAM BAM. go life!" as usual :)

*Ohhhh, I'm such a pessimist.* Here are things that irk me:
1. When it's freezing cold and December, yet there is no snow.
2. Instead of saying 'cool,' guys in my grade have taken the initiative of yelling 'dirrrrrtyyyy!' instead. That doesn't even make sense.
3. How I get super excited to have a red Facebook notification, only for it to be a "[random kid you don't talk to] just took a quiz! Check it out!"
4. Stupid abbreviations. Particularly when people spell the word "what" as "wat." That doesn't even sound right! If anything, it should be "wut." But really, is that hard to add the extra "h"?
5. Examinations. That is all. (Mine are this week. Goody..)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
What irks you?
(It's great if you see the cup as being half-full kind of thing, but please do share! I won't judge you. You know there's something..)


emily said...

ooh, in the shots by the christmas tree, the light is too pretty. :) what irks me? well, for one thing, stereotypes in general. they're usually wrong and make the people who believe them sound uninformed *coughstupidcough*. oh, and shoelaces that are too long. yup.

dotie said...

love your outfit especially your sweater..the beadwork looks absolutely divine :)

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

Love the outfit esp the shoulder detail.

I'm a new follower. Follow me too! :)

J'aime said...

I am so congenial (big word :]) towards you and the facebook notification, ahh it really irks me, and I mean, what is the actual point of telling me they've done that quiz, when i can see it on the newsfeed. Eugh.
The sweater is lovely, I love the diamond detail on the shoulder.


P.S. You might want to look at my article about style on my page.

B a la Moda said...

OMG! I love that sweater. The beaded work is stunning. And the skirt is so pretty too.
B* a la Moda

Anonymous said...

gorgeous darling as always
love it, great inspiration
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

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Melanie M said...

I love your tights & your houndstooth jacket. You rock it!
I'm totally into the Christmas spirit. Such a great holiday. Follow me, please?:D

Annie said...

I am completely in love with this outfit. Everything is perfect.

Anonymous said...

this is one of the most pretty sweater i've seen in a long time!!! love the little ruffle/layering skirt underneather!!! what the 5 Irking facts ;-) xx

Anonymous said...

this outfit is soo japanese street style <3

1) people who don't act their race
2) people who don't use proper grammar (like saying 'bruh' i dunno bout canada, but we say that A LOT)
3) ed hardy and other cheap looking clothes
4) fan pages on facebook
5) and really really pretty girls


Gabby said...

The layering skirt thing is awesome!

Things that irk me:
1. Not knowing people from other schools that my friends do.
2. Like you said, its cold but no snow
3. Liking an item of clothing, not having money, coming back the next day and its gone.


Tori said...

Love both outfits!
The second one is my favorite, that sweater is adorable and reminds me of a pretty snowflake. :D haha

Mandy said...

The beadwork fantastic on that sweater. And you look so festive without looking dorky and festive. You know what I mean? :) My birthday is the 14th... When's yours?

mikaela said...

thank you for stopping by!
i always love reading your comments :)

that sweater is devine! i'm for sure hitting up Value Village this week.

what irks me:
- so for you, the guys in your class say "dirrrtttyyy" instead of cool. Well for me, the guys in my class say "GG" instead of cool. Apparently it stands for 'good game' which does not make sense at all.

-when i'm standing at the bus stop in the freezing cold for 20 minutes only to have a bus finally come and it's already packed with people.

i dont think i can stress anymore how much i LOVE your blog :D

Rica said...

omg! love your style gurl. esp your diy tights. i want to make my own as well after seeing that.

btw im kinda new here in fashion blogging. please if you have time come and visit mine at www.sassyrica.blogspot.com and i you like it please follow. i just follow yours.thanks! :)

theTrendyDwarf said...

I finally have the time to comment on blogger friends blogs to thank them for their sincere Birthday wishes and I remembered you were one of the blogger friends who wished me best wishes on my special day! So THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have to say I love your hounds tooth jacket. I noticed your tights were DIY and I have to say that it is SO much better when they are DIY than bought ripped. I saw ripped tights at Hollister a few months ago and all of a sudden I have lost some appreciation for that store. I like their shirts and designs for the shirt but nothing else. They're too common. Anyway, I love how you are wearing two skirts! You definitely look like a snowflake! A trendy and pretty one! Nice Christmas tree by the way! I just finished setting up mine this past weekend!
check out my trendy blog!

hannah elizabeth said...

ahh i totally know what you mean about snow, i wish it snowed in san fran!

things that irk me... i have this thing like the world should revolve around me when i shop, and can't stand it when a) there's way to many clothes to fit on one rack and you can't push them apart, and b) when you're browsing racks and things keep falling on to the floor.... rargh!

michelle_ said...

i can tell u're taking ur snow flake duties seriously !
this is by far my favorite outfit from you . and there goes the ripped tights I asked u how to make when I saw it in the last outfit post . haha..

how can u survive in the cold with a ripped tights ?? i can never manage that wen im in vacations . i guess girls who wear tights in cold climate should share their secret . hehe

thanks for commenting at my postt..
visit / follow / and comment me .
hugs et kisses . GLISTERSandBLISTERS
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Rebecca Lau said...

aww the outfit is so cute
the layers are lovely, the texture of knit and delicate materials really do reflect the winter mood :)
plus mixing with pastel colours are always pretty


Erika said...

Ohmigosh I wondered where you had gone off to! I tried to find you, as well with no success! Yes, yes, yes - let's exchange links! I'm adding you to my blog roll right now!

So obsessed with your layered skirt idea. It's fab-u-lous! And there are boys saying "dirrrrrrrrrtttttyyyy" instead of cool now? Oh, I truly hope I don't encounter any of them; I'm not sure if I could put up with that. Good luck with examinations darling - I'm studying for mine as we speak (they're tomorrow). :/

Gabby said...

Let's hope you get good grades too!


Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you get an A+ on your exam!! I love your wonderful look here! So creative and so YOU! You are adorable....

I am glad we share our lack of enthusiasm after meeting people :)

Valencia Lia said...

Ahhhhh,you look so stunning ! This is surely one of my fave outfits of you!!!!

Beautiful black and grey photos taken. Adore that coat you have on and the layering of colors with your sweater and tops is so genius.

Ohhhh the beading on your sweater is so lovely and those ripped tights I love them.
Yeahhhh,we have to go thrifting together! And I've just said last night on what the exciting news was <3

Friend in Fashion said...

wow! Love the layered skirts and the detail in that sweater - fabulous :)

Irk? Have to agree with you on point 3 ;)


beckyxoxo said...

Wow what a nice outfit , cute hat ! :D And love the sweater in the other photo so so much ! Haha . Lol and I agreed with the facebook thing . I always delete them everytime they show up . x)

Dylana said...

I love these pics and your outfit!


Dylana said...

I love these pics and your outfit!


Joanne Faith said...

We don't even get snow where I live, so it's always just a never ending supercoldness....

Cute jacket!

I hate stupid abbreviations too...


Kristin said...

I'm loving the houndstooth. And that sweater is absolutely gorgeous!

Wendy said...

Oh man, that sweater of your's is unbelievable!

sharonlei said...

I LOooooOOoove your sweater! I can't believe you scored that for nly $10!! So awesome. I also dig the layering skirt look. You're so cute.

You have lovely hair as well.. I've had a blunt fringe for quite some time now.. so it's trained to stay that way. :) my asian-ey hair is pretty easy to style, but I love my flat iron. Hope you're having a lovely rest of the week!!

Oh, don't forget to enter my giveaway.

Take care!! Love & Aloha.

Helene Fussing said...

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Helene Fussing said...

... xxx Helee from Copenhagen!

Eva Silviana said...

woooow cool! I love your pictures, black and white :)

olivias-pizzaz said...

just catching up on your posts now and all your outfits have been amazing! I love this one its like your interpertation of christmas and your christmas tree is beautiful!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Ah, it is so darn cold here - a lovely 17 degrees! And it is unfair how winter only gives a 50%! Love your snowflakeness though!

Anonymous said...

That sweater is CUTE!

Phyllis said...

omg i LOVE the sweater - you look great lexy!

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