it's getting chilly

A sleeping bag is currently suffocating my entire body. It is wonderful. The weather is getting chilly. Scratch that. Freezing. It's not idealistic for a child who's living out of a suitcase at her grandmother's house*, but it does make for a good excuse to spend a chilly Sunday night lounging around in sweats and eating muffins and not exiting the room and knitting and finally updating the blog and rediscovering the wonder of Ms. Betty Suarez of Ugly Betty. Yes, THIS IS THE LIFE. (I'm not even being sarcastic. I am a crazy soul, I tell you.)

*Oh, and speaking of being a "child who's living out of a suitcase at her grandmother's house" (really, Lexy? did you just quote yourself?), there's irony in that statement. As in, even though I am lacking in attire HERE at my grandma's house, my closet, back at home, is lacking in attire EVEN MORE. Shbam! Cool story, bro! The point to this fascinating story is this: lack of clothing results in creative dressing. I was home a week or so ago and the lack of attire at home resulted in my scrummaging to make an outfit out of shenanigans that normally inhabit the bottom of the black hole of my closet. So yeah, if you haven't seen any of the items I'm wearing in awhile/ in your entire lifetime, then that is why. Mystery closed. I'm, like, Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew or Scooby Doo or Detective Lexy or something.

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The detailing of this top is simply MARVELOUS. I was hesitant to purchase it because of its colour - OR LACK OF. Har, har. But the scale-like texture was far too enticing and enough to make me swoon and overlook its colourless tendencies. Thus, cha-ching. (This was, like, four months ago. Refer to the whole "clothing inhabited in the black whole of the closet thing.") (I see. Quoting yourself again, Lexy? You really must stop doing that. It's lame.) Oh, and in case you're like the 2 old ladies that asked me about it (on separate occasions!), I DON'T know how I am going to wash it. I JUST DON'T KNOW. CAN I PLEASE JUST LET IT BE STINKY AND LET NATURE TAKE ITS SENSUOUS STENCHY COURSE?! Mmmmhmm. OKAY.
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By the way, you know how I'm really fierce and stuff? Yeah, I'm really fierce and stuff... I mean... DUH.
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I've recently been pondering about really deep, emotional, and political subjects. An exemplar of one of these subjects - probably near the top of the list with respect to gravity and intensity - would be MY AWKWARDNESS. Academic terms associated would include things like "evaluating my weakness" or "seeking room for improvement." I, however, prefer something along the lines of, "LEXY GET YO ACT 2GOTHER GURL." I've discovered that I'm not awkward... really. I mean... like, um... I'm eating candy right now! (Kidding. I'm trying to be, like, ironic by exaggerating my alleged awkwardness. And thus proving I'm really, in fact, not awkward. Because attempting to be funny and ironic is so, like, nawwwt awkward. Right... I don't even know where I'm trying to go with this reverse-psychology mumbo-jumbo and what my point even is and whether I've concluded whether I'm really awkward or not awkward.)

But really. Socially, there are certain aspects of my personality that I'd like to, you know, tweak. For instance: I am terribly shy in large crowds, I am not the best for standing up for what I believe, I fear what other people will think of me, I don't want to sound silly in front of the wrong people... I've never thought of myself as insecure... but maybe I'm insecure? I'm sure these can all be attributed to "growing up" and will, hopefully, disappear in a cloud of purple dust one day! But until then... I'll just continue to eat my candy and eavesdrop on conversations and things and attributing it all to "awkwardness."
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(Blazer - Value Village $3.50, Shirt - Thrifted/ Vintage $5, Pants - Value Village $4, Shoes - Vintage $35, Headband - Ophelie Hats, Bangles - gifted)

Sorry for this mumbo-jumbo of a post. But... better a mumbo-jumbo than nothing at all? Sure. Have a beautiful week darlinz! xxx

What are some things that you'd like to change/ improve on yourself?


Anna said...

I love this outfit! The pants are very cool :3

Anyways, things I would change or improve on myself? Hm...first thing is my inability to be social in large crowds. I get intimidated. Another major thing is probably my uncontrollable habit of saying extremely awkward things. Hehe, it's rough.

pixelhazard said...

I'm glad you bought it. I love that top!

Bright Green Laces

morgan. said...

there are a lot of things that i'd like to improve about myself... but one of them is to be as cute as you!

laura said...

your posts always make me smile! I love your adorable poses! and that top is just RAD!
♥ laura

the blog of worldly delights

Sarah said...

It is hard for me to imagine you being afraid of what people think when you are so fearless with your clothes (that shirt rocks my world, by the way). I also have a hard time imagining what it is like to be shy because I'm... so not.

Personally, I'd like to work on being eloquent again. Long nights, little sleep, and tons of work have left me less-than-fluent in English, let alone the languages I'm studying, haha. I think after this year, I'm going to need to let some things go.

Charmalade said...

That shirt is RIDICULOUS and I love it so. I can't tell if it's the easiest or hardest to clean. That top and the shoes are the MVPs of a very marvelous team that is your outfit to me. Also, the pictures came out beautifully, with the fall background and jumping and all that jazz. I like how your outfit not only plays with color, but texture.

What I really should change about myself is actually quite pertinent to the now. Especially NOW. Because I need to manage my time more wisely and not go to bed so heinously late, thus making it hard for me to get up for important things like classes and brunches. Either I need a Time Turner, or a mental kick in the head. Or both.

Toast with Charmalade

The GUILTY HYENA said...

Your blog posts + photos always radiate rapture and GLEE it's quite infectious!! I find sometimes the best outfits come from the black hole of a closet! Your ensemble rev's up the Fall Autumn factor! the backdrop is equally parallel.

Hmmm I would love to change my fear of travelling via airplane, it inhabits me now more than before.


Love your outfit gurl!! I always feel full of young energy (is energy really age based?) after reading your posts! Your personality really jumps off the page and I adore you!! I think that if I could change/improve something about me it would be to help the needy more. ;-) Kiah

Lydia said...

I love those harem pants, and I love this top even more! This is DEF one of my fav, or not most fav, outfit you've done.

I love the vibe of your blog! It's so fun!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

As always, great combination of colors, prints, and accessories! Your style is so bold and fun!


Lydia said...

Also, whatever Value Village is, it's clearly amazing.

Roma said...

I love all of your writing promts you do at the end of your posts. I guess be a little less loud? I have a tendency to be over the top verbally. Also you look totally modelicious. quite frankly I'm super jealous. Your pant are reallllly awessome as well

Rimi said...

the top is ferosh!!

i'd like to work on not being so hard on people...yeah, I have a bit of a problem with that :/

Izumihiiiflower said...

oh thank you so muuuuch <3 i'm glad to read a commentaire from you!

weasel said...

I love the jacket, it's awesome

Sabina said...

I won't get into what I'd like to change/improve because you didn't ask anyone to write the great American novel on your blog's comment section, but I do want to say I love your headband. Just beautiful.

Also--Sorry to hear you've been struggling to find outfit inspiration, but I tend to think that's just how life is for everyone sometimes. Even if you're wealthy enough to fill your wardrobe with whatever you want, everyone still falls into ruts with what they have and gets bored.

Anonymous said...

Soooooooooo colorful!!
It's always cheerful and adorable :D
I love your jacket

Warm Love,
Pinkie Anggia

olivias-pizzaz said...

ooomg I love every single aspect of this outfit! Just everything!! and your shoes totally jealous!! I get where you are coming from with the awkwardness, but it is good to want to improve, and its totally possible!!

fransmiles said...

Wow. What I would give to have those be the clothes at the back of my wardrobe....xD mine is filled with ugly 00's t-shirts my mum refuses to let me throw away!

As for the question...(i think it's really cute that you do these) if I could change one thing about myself it'd definitely be to give myself an amazing work ethic. I read interviews by Beyonce talking about how she hasn't had more than a few weeks off at a time in the since she was 14 and get really inspired to be hardworking, then go procrastinate for a few hours. And being awkward isn't always a bad thing! It makes for brilliant one liners sometimes!

Isabel Spectre said...

aww I think you should embrace your awkwardness, because it probably isn't actually awkward at all. You have such amazing style!! I cant get over itttt <3 <3

Isabel Spectre said...

Also, this quote "lack of clothing results in creative dressing". Is so true, I have always thought that!

Flow Disruption said...

Ahh, love the colours and textures in this outfit! You definitely don't come across as awkward online. I wish I could get humour across as well as you! But, yeah, we've all got our stuff. I become an anxious wreck sometimes, which, ya know, sucks. But, I think that's what makes creativity and expression so special. They go beyond all the cliches and language we use to define strengths and weaknesses and represent who we truly are, "good" and "bad", "strong" and "weak". ;)

Marie said...

Girl - your crazy style is so awesome! I love it - you need to be a stylist already! I think it's a combination of your style and confidence that just makes everything you do work.

Oooo and I'm so loving your hair bling - I want please!

Dirty Pink Cardigan


FashionJazz said...

Love your jacket babe!

I would like work/improve on having more confident in myself and know that I can do anything I put my mind too :) xx

*Glam Chameleon* said...

Well love your mambo jumbo post!! And again love your delicious lips!:)) I must to stick with u and your blog to survive winter and cold time, with your look u bring out the sun even dough it's chilly!:)

Sheean said...

you're so awesome to be insecure. lexy, your personality is incredible. its fun, its loud, its crazy, its random. its lovable. you've got nothing to feel shy about, girly. let's not forget your never-failing sense of humor. :)

Glamorous Barbie ♥ said...

Love that pants
...pretty outfit ♥
Check my blog if you like

Bonnie said...

Yay, chilly weather! It's about time, right? Last week, I was wearing a leather jacket. This week, I am sweating my nuts off in 80-degree weather. This is not good! I want my chilly air back.

That top is crazy balls. I love the intricate details.

Your awkwardness is what makes you beautiful. I love how unpredictable and exciting you are. Never change for anybody. <3

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i don't think a lack of clothing is why you're so creative--you just are!

and i'm happy that the weather is getting cooler now too. it must be freezing up north where you are.

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Felix Curds said...

you so craazy- in the best way possible, of course;) based on your fabulous, bold dress sense ii would not have picked you out as a shy person! i love that blazer so so much!

J▲Y said...

such a fun look!
fun blog :)

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aki! said...

Honestly, to a certain degree, we're all a little awkward. But I have a bit of awkwardness to me that I'm not sure what to do with. I'm okay with it. My friends are okay with it... but people who I don't know are scarred off by it.

I think it's really great that you are at least self confident in what you wear though. Maybe it's a many step process. Comfort in mind, body and soul.

Chanel Tonè said...

Your buy was awesome and its fits your personality to a "t"!!! What I want to change about myself is liking my smile. I hate taking phots because I hate my face. It's so round and puffy and I have fat cheecks so I hate to smile. I need to improve on bettering myself as far as excercising more but I am happy that I am beginning to embrace my voluptuousness! If God didn't like curves, He would've made the world flat! Thanks for asking us!!


Diane said...

Hy Lexy! How are you? These pictures look amazing, you're always so fun to watch!

I'm back at blogging and hope to see you around!


Isabelle said...

Oh I did exactly the same not so long time ago. I watched again all the 4season of Ugly Betty, and cried at end when I understood there would not have an other season!!
I love sooooo much your outfit by the way, your pants is so cool!

Vivi said...

This outfit is amazing. From head to toe. And yes, you made the best decision to purchase that lovely blouse.

One thing I would like to improve on is my fear of public speaking.

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