I like my orange juice with pulp

FRIENDS AND THINGS! Yeah. Hi there. I hope you're all doing jolly and good and what not. I am. Doing jolly and good and what not, that is. THANK YOU FOR ASKING. (Kidding. I'm not being sassy. I know you'd ask me "Are you doing jolly and good and what not?" if we were in real life and, for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Insert sappy tears and oscar speeches and what am I even talking about?)

ANYWAYS. The weather the past few days has been, quite frankly, MARVELOUS. (These photos aren't a reflection of that.) Seriously, I have had a perma-smile on my face the past little while due to the blue skies and sunshine and things. Honestly, it wasn't until I moved to Toronto a few weeks back when it occurred to me that, hey, maybe I'm a wee bit of a tree-hugger. I find myself prancing at Toronto's abnormal city pace (IT'S ALWAYS ON HIGH SPEED. NOT NORMAL) and thinking to myself, "Well, I kind of miss my bike and the parks and the trees and the stars and can I please just become a bird already?!" Apparently I'm a closeted hippie forest creature or something? Time to start playing the harmonica and burning incense and wearing hemp and knitting grass? Okay, sure Lexy...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The other day (Friday, that is) was BEAUTIFUL. I spent the morning walking along the harbour and reading books and doodling and sleeping and eating grapefruits and blah blah blah. The point is, I skipped into the mall, thinking, "Well, yippee! Today will be an easy day as no one will be shopping as it is beautiful outside as ---" That thought? It never finished. Why? There I was. Stopped. In my tracks. Mouth? Dropped. People? EVERYWHERE. I basically spent the majority of my Friday shift hating the customers just a little bit. Sure, I maintained my friendly smile and annoyingly chipper, "Hello! How are you today?" while, really, I was thinking, "Hello! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU VOLUNTARILY INDOORS? GO RIDE A BIKE OR GO ON A WALK OR SIT ON A HAMMOCK OR SOMETHING." I don't understand people. There is much irony in the fact that I am working in a mall at a big, corporate store. I'm telling you, hemp making and grass knitting is an industry that I should be a part of. (Or invent. Does grass knitting exist? It should. Eco is very chic and I reckon it would do well this season.)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oh, and remember when I was in high school and applying to programs and making portfolios and things? Yeah? Probably not, because I never really posted much from my art portfolio, so maybe I'll get on that. IN THE MEAN TIME, here's a relevant image? One dem portfolio applications called for a "fashion illustration of a favourite handbag." (Looks familiar? Scroll above! Har-har, NOW do you see the whole "relevant image" thing?) Quite frankly, I thought drawing an inanimate object was a pretty dry/ dull task, so I thought I'd give it a dose of fun and humour. But then I was all, "zomg thatz so nawt fashiony enuff but I dunt have time to change it! freakoutzzz!" Somehow I ended up with a 100% on the illustration portion of the portfolio, so I will have a belated celebration (i.e. right now) by watching Ugly Betty in a sleeping bag while outside. Maximization of joy and comfort and laziness. I AM EFFICIENT, KIDS.
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(Illustration by me, water colour and pen & ink)

I've been having oodles of fun here so, like, yay me and what not. I took advantage (I took advantage? That's such a "grown up" phrase) of the beautiful weather and ventured off to Toronto Island on Thursday which was the BEST DECISION. If you're in Toronto, I suggest you channel your inner hippie and go to the other side. It's beautiful. I felt like I was trapped on a dessert island and I reckoned that I would do quite well surviving on sunsets and stars and beautiful scenery. Now, I'm heading home to see the family and eat food and enjoy Thanksgiving. Which brings me onto the whole HAPPY THANKSGIVING, CANADIAN READERS thing. Yippeee! To everyone else, I hope you're having beautiful weather or, at least, a beautiful day!

xoxoxo I am now off to grab my sleeping bag and go outside and watch Ugly Betty and maybe eat a grapefruit. I'm being completely serious. THANKFULLY. (What a let down it'd be if I wasn't...)
What's your favourite way to spend a day?
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(Shirt - Value Village $3, Dress - Vintage $5, Tights - Unknown, Shoes - Salvation Army $7, Pins - Nepal, Bag - Random gift from my childhood that I salvaged from a garbage bag of donations, Hair elastic - Dollar Store $0.25)


Marie said...

Your fun mix of prints and colors is soooooo refreshing! But nothing beats your smile and confidence girl! Keep on inspiring :)

Dirty Pink Cardigan


Flow Disruption said...

"Maybe I'm a wee bit of a tree hugger" - that made me smile. ;) That handbag (and its illustrations) are just freakin' amazing. I would love to see more of your art portfolio. (P.S. - Hook me up when you start your grass knitting empire). ;)

Spencer. said...

Wow, lovely outfit, those pink tights look absolutely fantastic!
Have a fab weekend :)

Sabina said...

No wonder I can never find anything in neon in the stores--you've bought up everything!

Kidding--the pink tights look really cute on you.

Isabelle said...

YEAY let's all play harmonica while eating grapes!!! ;)

Izumihiiiflower said...

looove your accessories!!!! *_*

The GUILTY HYENA said...

I envy all those animals in tuned with mother nature, than us modern humans who are not :) I gotta catch some more fresh air but I am slightly addicted to the net!

The illustration of your bag has leaps of character wouldn't look out of a place in an adventure book!

Ann said...

That bag is just the craziest thing oh my god. I love it! The illustration you made definitely tops it though, hah.

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

woooah great outfits! i love the colours mixing... and the ilustration are amazing!

pixelhazard said...

Oh i love the pink stocking with orange loafers and your cute flower pins. The watercolour is amazing too. I need to invest in some.

As for my day, I love lazy Sunday mornings and brunch, Friday nights curled up on the couch watching movies while it rains outside and random bike rides in the evening sun. Yeah I know, I may as well be writing a dating profile up,lol.

Bright Green Laces

Hazelnut said...

How is it possible that you NEVER run out of colorful, patterned clothes? Seriously!? Do tell. :-)

You're totally rockin' that outfit with your oozing confidence and adowable smile!

Xu Box said...

Those colors are beautiful!!! I'm amazed by how great you look. Missed reading your blog. Now that I'm blogging again, I'll be doing a lot of it.

Amy said...

I love how happy and jolly you are in your photos! Your style is so fun, unique and colourful!

I don't really know what my favourite way to spend a day is, hmm, that's a good question. Probably either with my friends or at home chilling.

Oh wait! My favourite way is at Disneyland with my best friends! But I don't think that's going to come round again since I live in Australia, haha.


Dayzee said...

i love your blog! you're so unique! seriously, there's no other blog like this!!!!!!!

check out my blog: styledynamite.blogspot.com


Rimi said...

love the watercolor and the hair thingy!

i love, rainy, overcast days that I can spend lounging around with my best friend, Panda.


Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Haha, i love that illustration, it's fantastic :D That dress is amazing too-classic 60's pattern! Even your handband has little hats on it-so cool!

weasel said...

Oh how lovely and colorful you look. Love the dress

Meg said...

It has been so beautiful this fall! Except for a few FREEZINGCOLD days, it's been warm and sunny. I went for a hike deep in the woods yesterday in a t-shirt and leggings!
Hope you get a chance to reconnect with nature over Thanksgiving! :)

*Glam Chameleon* said...

Love strong orange and hot pink combination, always did actually!:) And that super-duper-crazy purse is amazing!!! If u were my juice u would be multivitamin!:DDDlol
Jelena (glamfabchameleon.blogspot.com)

Chanel Tonè said...

Tree Hugger . . . you would definitely love my sister! LOL! I am so in love with your color palette and your accessories are just too fun!!!
Thank you so much for always visiting my site. Please don't be a stranger. I love your "quirky" sense of style!!!


Black Pearls said...

that I soooo coool... The drawling is awesome!! I love it!
Great post!
xoxo asiahlynn

FashionJazz said...

loving the prints babe :) xx

FashionJazz said...

loving the prints babe :) xx

Marisa Noelle said...

Haha..i definitely have a wee bit o tree hugger in me too. Nothing wrong with that. I love spending time outside during the day...definitely a plus with beautiful weather I agree. Loving your creative ensemble as always. Your bright colors and mixing patterns never cease to cheer me up. Oh and how freaking awesome is your illustration...love, love, love!!

Bonnie said...

I love how everything in Toronto is always super fast-paced. I feel like maybe I should move to Toronto. Bahahaha. Considering that I am hyperactive like a chihuahua. Hahahaha.

You have the best BAMSHABAM outfits everrrrr. You are always so colorful.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

SunnyToast said...

I miss you blog..I miss the loud colors and prints:) and your wonderful smile:)

I really adore you on how you combined strong colors...like in this post the orange and hot pink combination!

Lydia said...

Those are the pinkest tights ever! I love this little monster bag. I LOVE! And I always love your illustrations. You are so freaking talented!

the fashion turd said...

best way to spend a day=kissing my girlfriend! hee hee ....and lusting over colourful blogs like this...! hope you're good chicken? x

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i would love to spend a day biking and skipping like you do--which reminds me that i really need to invest in a bike!

and i love your tights--such a fab color.

also, your illustration is beautiful! you're a true talent. :)

Audrey Allure said...

Wow, amazing illustration - it looks so good!

Eli said...

I think you would absolutely love living in San Francisco, it really is like no other city I've ever experienced in my life. I have five different parks within walking distance, more restaurants I can shake a stick at, a library, shopping so closeby. It's the smallest big city ever. Everyone here for the most part is kind and free spirited too. I can see you here!

KyandiiCandy said...

AwesomE outfit!! and wow love your drawing! =D so creative! xx

fransmiles said...

Eeeeek! You always have such cute accessories! Love the drawing of the bag as well, it's so inventive, I'm super nervous about putting a portfolio together...

My favourite days usually involve exploring, either countryside in summer or parts of the city that I've never been to before :)

lasophia said...

Um yes sadly i was one of those mall rats this weekend. It was an accident really. I went to get lunch with my uncle and then we started wandering. Some cucu bird burned down our mall last year so there was a grand reopening last week.


Isabel Spectre said...

no, no! stop it! you are too adorable. I seriously cant handle you and your blog.. I always devote real time to reading your blog so I can catch every word. I wish that I knew you in real liiiife. Your dress is perfect and that top with it? and the tights? gaah perfect. Happy Thanksgiving to youuu!! I remember last year when I worked at a clothing store I would totally do the same "Hello! How are you" (happy happy voice) and then in my head think "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET OUT OF THIS STORE! I DONT WANT YOU TO BE SHOPPING IN HERE." oooooh retaiiiil. people are so weeeiirrd!

suki pooki said...

Omg I get that feeling too. I mean that feeling of your customers "Omg it's a gorgeous day! Lets go out, yeah lets go shopping! Weeee" hahaha Another reason why I gave up retail but might have to return soon as my funds are getting low =( As for a great way to spend the day? Either being at the aquarium, having tea, getting my nails done or just hanging with my bf =D I think Im a simple girl to please =D Though my bf would be quick to oppose me on that thought!

Amanda said...

Aghhhh this is SO adorable!! It reminds me of barbie, and the colours make me really happy!

Anonymous said...

THE PRINT OF THAT DRESS!? 3$?! MRAWR. So gorgeous.
My favourite way of spending the day is:
1) Wake up at 8:30 AM (I'm a morning person)
2) Drink as much tea as humanly possible and eat a massive bowl of oatmeal
3) Spend all day in my favourite local thrift stores
4) Eat indian food
5) Dance around to Arcade Fire in my room in new clothes
The end

Flara said...

crazy mix of colors, but I like it!!! lovely outfit:) xx

Born for Joy said...

You're such an amazing person! And so happy! It makes ME happy and I have school tomorrow. Yeahhhhh girl!