I'm one of those people whom wears new articles of clothing immediately after I buy them. Like, I'll buy something one day and - the next day - I'll just have to wear it. In fact, I find that when I'm trying to go to sleep, I seem to be mustering up ways to wear my new clothes. Is that normal?! Anyways, I bought this pink shirt a few days ago and I had to wear it today. Cranberry dress from last post? Yeah, I bought it the day before. What can I say? I'm an eager beaver! While I'm on my little confession, I will also admit that after a successful shopping day, I will lay out all my clothes on my bed/floor and take a picture. I will also (if I found good deals) calculate the total to determine the average cost for each piece.. Anyone have any weird shopping quirks? Or am I just plain weird? Um..

(Denim Shirt - Dress up box, Pink Lace Top - H&M $15, Denim Shorts - Value Village $3, Tights - Mum's, Jewelry - Assortment)

Oh yeah, I got bangs.. Like them? Yes, No? Hmm... well I already got them, so if you say "no", there's not much I can do! So, um, just pretend you like them... Deal?

(Black Belt - Thrifted $1, Pink Bow Belt - H&M $Gift)

Okay, so "denim-on-denim" is supposed to be a major "no-no." But my style rule is that there are no style rules! C'mon people... Be rebellious.. Be courageous.. Don't follow them rules!*

*Obviously, I mean fashion rules... I don't want to be held responsible for any other breakage of rules.. But fashion? Let's not take fashion too seriously, okay now?

Today I did a bit of shopping with my mum and sister in a nearby small-town. It's really quaint and lovely, with a lot of fun vintage/antique shops! I totally lucked out and found myself at this great thrift shop with a "bag sale." What does this mean? I got to stuff clothing in a plastic bag and get it all for... *drum roll* ... $7! Needless to say, I'm kind of really ecstatic to have a bag full of clothing, in which each piece of clothing equals to less than $1!! Yay! I haven't had this many successful deals since I found those $1 belts!

Anyways, weather's finally nice here so I've been outside a lot! *cringe, and I just jinxed it and tomorrow's weather's going to suck* .. Have a good day! :)

P.S. I haven't posted my "Thanks for all the comments" in, like, three whole posts so I will use this opportunity to say "Thanks!" Honestly, I'm so excited to be in the double digits for comments! So thanks so much to everyone whose been leaving nice comments, really! :) Okay, I'm off to check out all your wonderful blogs..


theTrendyDwarf said...

I still love your denim shirt! The bangs look nice for a change! Wow...(everything is bow tie with you, not a bad thing!) because the other days you had a bow tie bracelet and now you're wearing a bow tie belt! Well, at least you are staying true to your blog name because if not I probably would've left already!...I am completely JUST KIDDING(don't kill me now..)! You are also wearing the cool ripped tights! I love them...so creative! When it comes to shopping for clothes..I am pretty much just like you. I MUST wear my clothes the day after just to feel better because or else my nerves will get the best of me...hahahahaha! If I don't I will not pay attention in class just pondering on why the eff didn't I wear my new clothes and how I could've worn them! So I wear them the day after. Before I go to sleep I think about ways to wear my new clothes and then fall asleep and wake up forgetting everything I thought of and pull off a look which always ends up better than what I thought of before. I don't calculate price though...instead I always get home and put on my clothes and really feel them out! Thanks so much for all your comments by the way and it is such a pleasure to comment on your posts! Obviously you can see I love commenting on your posts since I leave such incredibly big comments...hahahahaha!
check out my trendy blog!

Beki said...

Love the outfit! Your bangs are really cool, no faking needed.


mikaela said...

haha well when I buy clothes, i'll come home, lay them out and then wear them around the house.

then i'll mix them up with other peaces in my closet for future use. haha so you're not the only one with weird shopping habits ;)

and the bangs look good!
BTW what was that store you went to??? I read that you're Canadian but you're probably not from B.C. since there aren't many good vintage stores here

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

your posts are fantastic in their detail too!!

haha it seems we share NCES (New Clothes Excitement Syndrome) :D (i just made that up...)

totally can relate to the love for thrift shopping and bargains too!!

Panda said...

Ohmygod. Your outfit is too die for! I love the denim craze right now, and i'm searching for good denim shirts. I love your tights, and don't worry your bang are cool :)

Panda x

Suzanne said...

thanks so much! i really love your relaxed style, it's really your signature.

Isabel said...

Duude, I am loving the ripped tights. And thrift store bag sales are pretty much the best thing ever! I've had so many good find finds over the years... :)

Little Bo Peeep said...

Oh my god, you and I are no different. I actually can't go to sleep thinking about how to wear my new piece of clothing :D HHAHAHA and I'm just so motivated to take pics of it straight away! <3

ah love the denim btw :)

DaisyChain said...

I love this so much.

Anonymous said...

havent been here in a while since ive been out of town with no internet
but im glad to see the outfits are still flawless
loving the ripped tights on you
you have a great knack for styling pieces together
love it!

check out my blog @

Malena said...

ah yes. this is my favorite of your outfits so far because it reminds me of the 90s. not that i can really remember them, but i do like them.
i am so jealous of everyone who gets to go to bag sales.. i have never been to one. and they sound like ecstasy.

Anonymous said...

First, I totally do the sam thing! Except I do it both at night and in the morning, Before I go to sleep I have to devise what I will wear the next day. In the morning, I have to confirm with myself if that is indeed what I want to wear before I get out of bed. lol... sometime it makes me late, like when I change my mind and have to revamp my whole outfit while lying in bed listening to my alarm go off.

Anyway, I LOVE the bangs! They are perfect!

Laila Of Course! said...

OO, I actually DO love your bangs. They're very very chic, hehe. I am a fan of bangs, though, so a little biased. And I love that you bought so much for only 7 dollars!! KUDOS.
Be sure and pop by & leave a note!


Style Bird said...

I like the denim shirt and tights!!Great!

Anonymous said...

dude, your bangs (we actually call them 'fringes' here, 'bang' has a quite different meaning so i am pretty much LOLling as i type this!) are totally awesome.

and that lace shirt is most epic.

Andie said...

omg you have bangs! thats super cool, yeah? im totally jealz right now because that bag sale sounds SOO MUCH COOLER than that old navy stuff & save thing, which you can do almost only once in your lifetime. i wish there were cool vintage shops like that here. oh i gave you a blog award, hope it wears off your jinx :D


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

In refrence to your age question I am actually. thirteen, but shussh don't tell, I don't think your a stalker so don't worry. I ador eyour bangs and i have the same shopping quirks as you. I always have to wear my clothing ammeditley, i want to wait, but can't help it, and i lay them all on the floor and make outfits in my head too!

Marian said...

honey i like your denim outfit! plus its perfectly normal to be anxious and excited to wear new purchases.hope you found some yummy things in thr thrift shop

TheSleekGeek said...

OMgosh!your posts are too awesome!!definitely love you looks!;)

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Lol, your bangs are adorable! I've been a bang person all my life, can't imagine it without them, my face would feel so bare. I think there could be a color difference between my forehead and the rest of my face.

Love your outfit, the tights are incredibly awesome and that denim shirt is so grundgy it's screaming to me!


Cesc said...

That denim shirt is so grungetastic. It totally takes me back to the 90s. Great outfit!


Isabel said...

Woow fantastic tights! They were your moms? Thats cool. And you look nice with the bangs! I wish my hair was as long as yours..


FabBlab said...

Those shorts are purely divine.

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Jennifer Fabulous said...

You totally made this outfit work! I love the tights and the shorts. So fab. :)

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