The Breakfast Club is such a great film.

It's not supposed to rain in the summer. Especially not everyday. It goes in this weird pattern where it'll pour for 10 minutes and then stop for 10 minutes. And then repeats itself. Again and again. All day. Like the cycle of life, or something. Gosh, my posts have been pessimistic! I blame the weather.. as you can tell.

Anyways, yesterday's outfit! (NOTE: Pictures taken at 1AM, so please excuse, well, everything.. especially the haiir)

(Sequin Dress - Value Village/ Vintage $12, Electric Blazer - Value Village $7, Belt - Thrifted $1, Pants - UB $30ish?, Jewelry - Assortment)

Today's outfit. I kind of resemble a cowgirl. That was barfed up by Courtney Love..

(Dress - H&M $20, Vest - Peru $17, Slip - Mum's, Tights - Mum's, Belt - Dad's)
Yeah, I know these action shots suck! My professional photographer (*cough* my 13-year-old-sister *cough*) was unable to make my photo shoot, and I was therefore left to my backup photographer (*cough* my technological-handicapped-mum *cough*), so that is why my action shots are not very good.. at all.. You know, the life of the model isn't all that glamorous.. My people are always leaving me stranded!

(Jewelry - Assortment, mostly I can't remember.. Some Le Chateau, H&M, vintage..)

Yet another black-vest-purchase-from-Peru. This one's not as dressy, but still really fun! I love spinning around and watching the fringe at the bottom move around. And the details of it are so cool - it didn't photography well in the pictures above.

Thanks for all your nice comments - I've been feeling a lot better, almost 100%. Yippee!

How's the weather where you live? Hoping it's sunshine and no clouds! :)


Anonymous said...

y'know you have like the CUTEST accessories. weather in Nashville? incredibly sunny. what about you?

cowgirl barfed up by courtney love, huh? (: i really wanna wear those tights, but my mommy doesn't want me wearing ripped clothing. LUCKY YOU.


theTrendyDwarf said...

Hahahahahaha! Funny comment! To edit my pictures I sadly use picnik because I do not like Picasa by Google and I don't like Photobucket that much for legit editing. Although I do use Photobucket for my logo on the pictures and to adjust their size and for the uploading. Through Photobucket is that I can acquire my big pics! Just make an account on Picnik and it will be so straight-forward from there. It literally can not get any easier than Picnik! I want to learn Photoshop so bad for better more professional editing. By the way...I love the vest and mostly all your accessories!! Hahahahahaha...the pink bow tie one is awesome! Also considering your blog is the Girl With The Bow Tie! I don't know yet but you are probably revolutionizing fashion!?
check out my trendy blog!

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

WOOPPEEE!! we are so glad to hear you say that!! because we love your blog toooo!! linked it and we're your new readers ;) your outfits are RAD. :D!!!

(sorry so over excited at the moment)

-♥Daria & Willow

Suzanne said...

you have such great accesoirees!

Laila Of Course! said...

Hahah, even though you were being kind of pessimistic about the weather (join the club!) I still love your outfits! SO adorable, in a punkish sort of way. Love the accessories!

Please be sure and drop by and leave me a note. And follow!


Isabel said...

OK, straight up I have been looking for pants like that for about a month now. Ahhh, seeing these on you makes me want them even more!

Sophia said...

i seriously love the outfits, especially the first! you've got excellent taste :)

i just realized i don't have you on my blogroll, do you want to exchange links?

Beki said...

Love the bright blazer!!!
Sadly I don't really play piano much. My guitar is more my thing and I don't have the time to play both.

Malena said...

the "cowgirl that got barfed up by courtney love" made me laugh out loud
that is the best outfit description ever

xs said...

i love that movie too!

Style Bird said...

Love the outfits!! Great bracelets.

Anonymous said...

You are so adorable! Plus, you have some incredible style girl! You can do no wrong! Yes, it has been raining cats and dogs around these parts! I feel like I have missed my whole summer due to rain!

mikaela said...

love it :)

that blazer is sick!

and yes, the breakfast club is amazing

mikaela said...


haha yes! parents do not understand dressing up :(

and thanks for the awesome comment!!
i'm glad you liked the skirt


fritha louise said...

I love the bright colours! And that bow bracelet is so cute! Nice blog :)

Valentine said...

Haha.. Seriously.. a cowgirl barfed up by Courtney Love. You crack me up, dear. :-)



Glad I was able to make you smile.

DaisyChain said...

your blog always makes me smile

Miranda said...

i love all your bracelets! that bow it especially cute
and i love your blue blazer also

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Aww you look so cute in picture number 2! (Well, you do in all of them ... you know what I mean!!)

I watched Pretty in Pink last weekend which I imagine TBClub to be on a par with = bloody brilliant!!!


Andie said...

love your outfits, especially your accessories, i used to be all over them, now im just TOO DARN LAZY LIKE HELL TO PUT ONE ON. oh and atleast your weather isnt as messed up as the weather here, ours is like BIPOLAR or something. rains really hard for like a minute, then sunny, then darkness, then no rain, then thunder, then burning hot, then raining cats and dogs... you get my point right?


Diary of a Young Designer said...

Both your outfits are adorable, but that first one is hot! Love your jeans, did you make the holes on them yourself? The blue blazer has such an amazing color! Hope the rain stops sometime so you can go out an play. =)


Anonymous said...

loved your comment ;)
Gosh yes the hard lives bloggers live I especially hate it when I have the self timer on in the garden and I'm trying and failing to look somewhat cool whilst the neighbours look on, fail.
Wow this value village place sounds cool I really need to go :)
I'm on holiday in NY right now and the weather has been pretty good except for huge storms at night >:(
Nicky x

Marmelindela said...

Muh. In the Netherlands it's like, swampy weather. It's hot and rainy and I hate it especially because the weatherman, wich I usually trust because he has such a nice moustache and a weird lastname (Timofeeff), told me it was going to be nice today. So I planned a picknick this evening, but it hasn't stopped raining yet!

Pfoo. I'm sorry for the wining but I guess that's what you get when you ask me about the weather.

Now for the positive things: I love your outfits. Especially the vest in the last picture. Supernice.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Great photos. I love that blue blazer. It looks gorgeous on you!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

The Breakfast Club, is the best movie ever, my photographer friend an i always watch it. Love your firs toutfit, ecspecially that deep ble colour, and that second outfit discription made me laugh!

Vik said...

your blazer was 7 dollars seriously!! this makes me so jealous! Love ur pics ur so photogenic! :)
much love from Ireland xx

ps the weather here is thunder and rain..:(


Emma said...

You look great!! Love the outfits!


AMIT said...

The one in red color looks better.

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