back in action.

(I was going to go all "guess who's back back again" for the title, but I decided that "action" just made me sound like a superhero. Therefore, I couldn't resist. Maybe I shall note that there is a silent "KAPOWBAM" for good measure?)

But yes. As you can see from my last few lamities (read: lame posts), I've been venturing off in Asia. A great experience, but I'm on four hours of jet legged sleep and I've been exhausted since noon, so perhaps I will share those thoughts later? Plus, Canada decided to pour (Ha-ha. You'll get it later...) some of its usual bad weather - this time, rain (...get it now? Pour, rain... Funny? No? Yeah, I know. I'm TIRED OKAY?!) It really was great, but I'm honestly going to crawl under the covers and maybe watch an episode of Ugly Betty and call it a night at 9:00 so yeah. JET LEG = bad idea. (As with fake wi-fi at airports, non-universal plug ins, non-universal languages. But maybe that's a good thing? Gah, TOO MUCH THINKING BRAIN HURTS.)

Bought muchos of pastel outfits and the likes, but something about rainy days screams "heyyyy colourrrrrrr" so heyyy, colourrrr.

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Bought this dress in Thailand. A longer length, but it's asymmetrical which is fun stuff.
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I close to neverEVER wear scarfs. But never say never because hey, would ya look at that? I'm wearing a scarf! Mostly because I liked it with the dress. But still. A scarf! Rain is a good excuse to bundle up in piles of layers and all that jazz because, you know, it's rain. Wet, cold rain..
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Oh hi! This qualifies as one of those times where Paint would be handy on Macs. Because then I would have added a speech bubble with the letters MWAHHAHAH on it. Because I look evil. But the whole point of this is hiseemyglasses. (Usually wear contacts, forgot to put in solutions, boring story. Sorry.)
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^ I imagine pikatchu would look like this in Hell. Just sayin'

I basically never wear heels. Those these don't REALLY qualify as heels. More like "clonkers." So hey guys, meet my clonkers. Clonkers, meet these guys. (My ma and my halfies these. Bought them in NYC. The guy that sold them to us was my telepathic soul mate, as we were wearing the EXACT same colours AND he had my dad's name! Coincidence? I THINK NOT. signsignsigns.)
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Look at that! It even matches my socks. (As my sister eagerly pointed out. Weirdo.)
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Scenic shots. Of the rain. I ain't lying to you guys. It really was raining. That umbrella isn't just for LOOKS you know!
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HEY IT EVEN LOOKS LIKE ITS RAINING. See the motion? It's pourin' baby. Slash that's the umbrella moving and WOAH do I look smug or what? It's the only shot that had the effect. Of rain, I mean. My sister's commands of "hold the umbrella, but twirl, but not that, twirl that, in front, but there" didn't really filter through my mind so bam. Smug face it is.
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(Dress - Thailand $8, Blazer - Value Village $7, Scarf - Gift, Socks - H&M, Shoes - NYC)

So yay?! First real post in weeks? Woot woot? Sorry it's such a downer of a post, but jet lag and rain and first day of school tomorrow and etc etc seem to have that effect on me. So accept my apology? I demand you to.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I'll try to respond to comments some time this. Everyone cross your fingers that this week is one of those heystudentshowwasyourbreak?letswasteclasstimetalkingaboutthis type of weeks. I love those weeks...



Hi. This feels like one of those awkward moments when you haven't seen someone in a long time and you kind of want to say hi, but then you have that moment when you're like "oh snap what if they forget about me?" and you awkwardly ponder what to say and you know, it's all good in the end. But you know that initial moment? Yeah, THAT's what this kind of feels like.

But HEY GUYS WHAT'S UPPPP. Sorry it's been a century, but I'm off in beautiful Asian lands becoming engrossed in the culture. (the culture whereby internet don't come cheap nor easy but hey now, I love you Asia). Not much to say, but I kind of had all these pictures ready but complications complications complications and bam here I am, no pictures just rambles.

Everything is quite wonderful. Hot. But everyone here is always making me think "awww adorbzzz." The culture is so different around here, but that's the joy of the world, ain't it? I feel ashamed for being so Westernized and continuously engrossed with things like Internet but you know, that's kind of how the world works. You visit places, you become engrossed in places, but you're still the foreigner. Although, ironically, I'm not feeling all too foreign. All the market people come up to me and try to communicate with me in Singlish and Thai and what not and it's like, "Hey I can't even speak chinese..." But it's cool too. A little awkward, but cool.

Anyways, I'm not usually into these wordy posts so I might as well leave you something. Since I haven't been on the Internet and don't have any cool pictures to post, why not this song? Because I always hum it when I'm in foreign places, even though it's sooo 5 ipods ago or whenever the commercial was.

And now it's just awkward because, going back to the beginning, it's feeling like an awkward goodbye when we haven't really covered much ground since we saw each other last but it's like, hey at least I got to see you.

Um. This has been some extended ramble so I'm going to toss it over to you so you can fill in these awkward blanks... How's life? How's your March Break? How's the weather? Tell me a story?



oh hi thar.

i'm off to Asia!

Just so you know.
i'll potentially update.
if there's a computer,
with Internet.

You know.
Just so you know.

two weeks. see ya. (ill likely be tweetin' or contact email if urgent).



my sister was once in a music camp called the operettas. HAH.

Hi. I'll let you in on a fun fact from Lexy's drawer of fun facts: I'm scared of routine. I mean, I'm living in hardcore routine - I can literally predict each of my tomorrows (wake up exhausted, eat a pop-tart, go to school a little early and have to awkwardly converse, have grade 12 economics which is somewhat refreshing, photoshop in media, et cetera et cetera), but if I'm forced to live in routine for the rest of my life... I don't think I could. So I'm really hoping all the fashiony peoples' "yes, everyday's different!" thing is no lie. Because, like, cooool mannn. (don't know why I had to hippy it out there.)

So I figure that as spring is coming (PS I HEAR SOME PITTER PATTERS AND IF THAT'S SNOW, I WILL HURT SOMEONE. You. Someone. YOUUUU. Sorry, that was weird) = time for some wardrobe updates. Tavi was talkin' bout some "updated colour palettes" and I was like, YEAH GIRL. Love the idea of updating a wardrobe by switching up colour swatches. I'm thinking that my winter was filled with poppincoloursthathurtyoureyes, so I'm really leanin' towards the pasty easter shades for Spring. Because I'm pasty. And I like Easter. (dotdotdot no.)

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My mom said that I looked like Coco Chanel, so my response is kind of along of the lines of "suuhhhweet-i'll-take-thattt". (Rather than captioning it as my morning-getting-dressed-thought-of-OHHEYGRANDMAAAAYOUAGED60YEARSOVERNIGHT.)
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I'm always a million years behind on posting majigers because something about messed-up priorities when my brain is yelling school > blogs and blah blah blah. But um where was I? Oh yes. This outfit was relatively recent, so I think I've still got that YayI'mliiikin-my-outfit-glow. Which, PS, is probably why I'm all GO PASTELS. This will very potentially change in, like, a week. KEEP YOU POSTED.
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(Blazer - Value Village $3.50, Shirt - Thrifted $1, Grey Skirt - Pacific Mall $7, Pink Skirt - Pacific Mall - $7, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Value Village $10, Pearls - Lens Mills $1)

Anyways. I'll keep up this YAYNEWCOLOURSCHEME glow right now. Because the rest of my life = zzzzzs. I literally think I've broken the record for like most consecutive grumpiness so chhhyea? Blame the week. You can't expect high school children to be focused when break's a few days away and teachers are just teaching things that will, duh, be forgotten over the break so blech.

yeah, MORE STUFF AND NEWS AND POSTS AND YEAH. But apparently I'm just pushing things along because don't they say that life is about procrastination? (And, if they don't then they really should.) I'm actually not a huge procrastinator but I think everyone sane person's brain works somewhere along the lines of actually caring to put extreme effort into things that they love but i guess that contradicts my point of i love fashion so never mind? (ignore that sentence.)

oh yeah. i'm kind of going away for a bit but more on that because i've gotta do stuff that i've not been doing like packing but life is good. life is exhausting. life is exciting.

WHY AM I SO MELODRAMTIC ON THIS BLOG TODAY? oh sweetttt lordy lord. I mean, HI HOW ARE YOU ALLLL? what are you stoked for? I think my blog needs some refreshing to match this change of season and maybe just this post so, ANY SUGGESTIONS?! urm, hope your life rocks because life is beautiful. (life is beautiful by sixx:AM = superbsong. check it out?)


i never watched the looney tunes because, hey, arthur > looney tunes any day.

Normally I wouldn't classify this weekend as ZOMGAMAZING. homework and jazz like that (and some hardcore technology problems which I think I've outARGHEDDD myself out via twitter and blah blah blah.) But the point of the story OH HEY I CAN'T BE UPSET BECUASE IT'S BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE.

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Okay, so I'd classify this outfit as average. Nothing amazing. But it gets posted because ZOMG THE WEATHER'S BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE.

Here's a little video. I warn you, DONT GET TOO EXCITED. i totally had a lil' video edited, but apparently technology decided to Karma me or something, and failed to upload. I'll try later gaters. So yeah. But if you want to see my dog resist my love then enjoy?

uploading was such a fail so here's the lame version from lexy ht on Vimeo.

The song to the edited video (sigh) was Don't Quit! Not Quite! by HeyHiHello! which is quite a lalallifeisjoyous of a song. So yeah. Check it out if you want a dose of happy?

I guess I'll leave you with this fun creation. Flipping back and forth between pictures excited me, so I though I'd make it go automatically.

Here's to almost spring! Long bikes in parks, sipping frozen hot chocolate whilst people watching, thrifting in keds, wanting to be friends with random intriguing people, trying to create a memory of everything i see, doodling at parks, soaking up the sun. GAH I CAN'T WAIT.

(Sorry these posts have been a little lame-o. I'm a little bummed - WOAH tons of contrasts in this post - about the lack-of-video-uploading-thing. Though I'm still ecstatic about the seemingly spring. I will hurt someone if it snows.)

Oh hi, what are you excited about whatever upcoming weather your part of this universe is getting?


awkward situationzzz.

Hi there. Hi. How are you? Good, you? Good. [awkward pause].

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"well, this is awkward."
(illustration by: me.)

Unless you're some supreme conversationalist (and props to you, I perspire slight envy towards you), I think it's safe to say that most people find themselves in awkward situations/ conversations. Usually with people that are different from you, just because you don't think that you have any common ground to cover (totally disagree, but that's a WHOLE other post). Take high school: the "cool" kids rarely talk to the "dorky" kids and vice versa. And when they do, there's some sort of emphasized awkwardness between the two groups. Almost as if to emphasize that BAM, we are so, like, not related, like, duhhh.

I don't really identify myself with either of these groups, preferring to sit in the centre of the spectrum. But you know, I spy on my classmates. (But not actually. Stop thinking your thoughts, IM NOT A CREEP.)

BUT, I recently heard on the radio that the "weird kids" in high school turn out to be the most interesting people as adults because they ACTUALLY HAVE THINGS TO SAY AND OPINIONS TO SPEAK. I can totally see it.

TELL ME A STORY. A story of the most interesting person you can think of. Come back and tell me. I really want to know.

(p.s. if you don't want to tell me... then just scroll down and comment on my clothes or whatever.......... I didn't mean that in a mean way. Hah. Two 'means' in one sentence.)