Hi. This feels like one of those awkward moments when you haven't seen someone in a long time and you kind of want to say hi, but then you have that moment when you're like "oh snap what if they forget about me?" and you awkwardly ponder what to say and you know, it's all good in the end. But you know that initial moment? Yeah, THAT's what this kind of feels like.

But HEY GUYS WHAT'S UPPPP. Sorry it's been a century, but I'm off in beautiful Asian lands becoming engrossed in the culture. (the culture whereby internet don't come cheap nor easy but hey now, I love you Asia). Not much to say, but I kind of had all these pictures ready but complications complications complications and bam here I am, no pictures just rambles.

Everything is quite wonderful. Hot. But everyone here is always making me think "awww adorbzzz." The culture is so different around here, but that's the joy of the world, ain't it? I feel ashamed for being so Westernized and continuously engrossed with things like Internet but you know, that's kind of how the world works. You visit places, you become engrossed in places, but you're still the foreigner. Although, ironically, I'm not feeling all too foreign. All the market people come up to me and try to communicate with me in Singlish and Thai and what not and it's like, "Hey I can't even speak chinese..." But it's cool too. A little awkward, but cool.

Anyways, I'm not usually into these wordy posts so I might as well leave you something. Since I haven't been on the Internet and don't have any cool pictures to post, why not this song? Because I always hum it when I'm in foreign places, even though it's sooo 5 ipods ago or whenever the commercial was.

And now it's just awkward because, going back to the beginning, it's feeling like an awkward goodbye when we haven't really covered much ground since we saw each other last but it's like, hey at least I got to see you.

Um. This has been some extended ramble so I'm going to toss it over to you so you can fill in these awkward blanks... How's life? How's your March Break? How's the weather? Tell me a story?



Ali said...

As much as I've heard this song, I've never seen the video up until now. It is awesome.

And I hope you're having fun in the Asias!

Naka said...

tehe i wanna play the piano now XD

Mel said...

Hope you're having fun in Asia!

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i'm missing your hilarious and interesting posts lexy!!! :D

i hope you're having the time of your life here in asia...drop by the phils if you can.hehe.

i love the smiths...they are geniuses!

and yeah, i'm like that sometimes. i feel the need to put a smiley on my text or a "hehe." right after a statement just to let someone know i'm laughing or happy..hehe. (see what i mean?)

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Kiki said...

OOOH, where in Asia are you? I went to China just over 2 years ago and was absolutely, completely, totally MINDBLOWN by the culture, elegance, and beauty of the place. I wish I could go back RIGHT NOW!! <3

Haha, I totally know what you mean about that awkward moment. Happens to me all the time. I'm rather shy. :3

-Kiki xo


Diane said...

Hy, I'm glad you had a great time, thanks for posting this song, it's a very sweet one :)

In the mean time, hope you enjoy the good weather (it's good here, so in Canada must be good also:P)

have a fun day!


fhen said...

in which part of asia are you in now?
hope you visit singapore! :)
have a great weekend! xoxo

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Love Yael! The weather is raining consistently, my March break doesn't start for another week, and my life is fine, borign but fine.

FashionJazz said...

Hope u are having a great time! xx

Erika said...

I didn't have a March break; therefore, I completely envy you for being so lucky!! :)