today is tomorrow's yesterday (trippayy.)

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Doodles by me.

I think a lot of people have warped perceptions of themselves. There's always that kid that you want to shake up and say "um, I know you think you're cool but, um, you're realllyyyy NOT." Then, of course, there's the opposite, "hey now, you rock, things'll look up for ya, bud" kind of person.

I've always been curious as to what my life might be perceived by by an outside person. What do I look like to them? How do they see me? What are my strengths and weaknesses? But I guess that if you start worrying about outsiders and their perception of who you are, you might start to change yourself to match their thoughts...

I guess this all relates back to growing up and trying to figure who you are and who matters to you most. Fashion helps me get by.

(P.S. I need to start adding a new "rambles" tag!)
(P.P.S. And I promise I WILL have an outfit post STAT. Sigh missing school and double tests and assignments and meetings and distractions and things and procrastination and stuff but I swear. On my PINKY. post to come. yeahhh.)


Naka said...

i love ur dools and ur yellow painted nails :3

ahh i love this ramble ^^
I often wonder how other ppl see since I have to wear glasses 24/7 XD

Leah said...

I love your doodles... I agree with your thoughts... don't be influenced by what others think about you. Just be yourself, live your life without causing harm to others and you're good. xoxo

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

nice doodles lexy ;) and i agree with your thoughts :)


B a la Moda said...

I think we have to try to be ourselves. If we think a lot about what others think... we are in trouble. ;)

B* a la Moda

Jen said...

i always love your sketches and doodles, they're my favorite.
and i have those thoughts often too. i always wonder what i look like from someone else's eyes. i'm a different person from everyone's individual viewpoint depending on how they perceive me and it's just crazy the way people work. i guess we'll never know though. can't wait to see another outfit post. hope the work doesn't get too overwhelming :)

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

your sketches are really good!

I think we are all our own worst critiques, that might be why we have warped perceptions of ourselves.

Ruta said...

This doodle is amazing! I love love love it so much.

I agree with you. When I was in high school there were so many people I wanted to shake and be like, "you are not cool, snap out of it", but in the end I think they'll come to that conclusion themselves.

Melissa said...

love your doodles! amazing!


Anonymous said...

your doodles are super rad. love em' wish i could doodle like that. ^^

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

crazy fun illustrations!
you've got talent!

know what? i just received a little feedback today of my performance and behavior towards my agents at work today... and i'm not gonna' lie..even when i have this 'i don't care attitude,' i still got nervous about hearing the feedback and thinking there might be negative ones... but after a while, i remembered that as long as what i'm doing is right for others and for myself, then it's all good... "everybody always has their version of your life.."

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Mrs. April said...

holy shit that's fantastic.

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

you're so cute, it kills me. that skirt <3

be a darling said...

Love this! So true- "um, I know you think you're cool but, um, you're realllyyyy NOT". Haha people care way to much about others conceptions, I'am probably the worst as I do it all the time! Great blog