excuse the selfies... i am just 2KEWL4U!!!!

Insert generic message ringing in the new year.

Yeah, sorry it's a tad late. You know me, I've been partying and partying and partying and then puking and then partying and then puking and then partying and then passing out and then being hungover... TYPICAL.

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Except for, you know... not. I had a handful of high school friends over for New Years and our night essentially consisted of wearing pjs, making pizzas, playing Apples to Apples, making party hats, watching Strange Sex, and general catch-ups. Considering the fact that I haven't seen most of these human beings since October or even June, it was nice to "reacquainted" and jazz. We are all dorks, so a dorky NYE was fitting. Don't judge! It was nice, brahhhh! YOU JEALZZ!!! A lot of the night, however, consisted of exchanges of university stories - both funny and are we seeeriously talking about meal plans or email set-ups or student cards for three hours?! - where I sat in silence due to my decision to take the year off and my consequent inability to contribute. It was then that it all kind of just sunk in - realizing how we are all on different paths - only a few months after graduation - and how we really do carry on in our different ways with different experiences and dreams and... yeah. Life goes on. It was just realizing... that.

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I think 2011 will be my year of "goodbyes." I haven't had many experiences in the "goodbye" department, so the whole graduating thing and then just quitting my job thing has really made me think about "goodbyes" and relationships and the nature of moving on. I know that this is just the first of many, but I guess 2011 will be the year of "my first of goodbyes." Or something. That being said, 2011 has been a spectacular year and I feel like I've experienced immense amounts of fear and joy and excitement over the past year. 2011 was filled with experiences and emotions I didn't foresee happening. Amazing.

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And now it's all, BAM! 2012! Say what! I have a good feeling about 2012. This year, for the first time in my entire existence, is filled with complete uncertainty. I have a general outline for the year - but the details are completely unknown. Completely. I don't know what kind of experiences I'll have, what kind of people I'll meet, what kind of challenges I'll have to overcome, what kind of person I'll be. It's completely, totally and utterly frightening... and exciting. I have a feeling that I'll look back on 2012 and think, "Wow, that was one hell of a year." Or, at least, I hope so. Mark my words: to a crazy year to come!

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I don't usually reflect that heavily on New Years. Often times, it is just, you know, ANOTHER FREAKING DAY AND TAKE A CHILL PILL, WORLD. But given the nature of my future, reflecting is just in my bones. (Oooh! Spooky! Mysterious! Oh my!) I'm not setting any concrete goals for the year. Instead I'll be ~realistic~ and ~grown-up~ and ~abstract~ and say that I hope to spend 2012 learning. Learning to take-risks, learning to love and love and love, and learning about myself. Life is a ginormous evolution and I feel like 2012 will be filled with growth. Oh, the joys of becoming a young adult...!

Happy 2012, kiddoz! I hope you have a fantastic year with much adventure and love and growth and peace! Kisses!

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How was your 2011? How was your new years? What are your 2012 hopes and dreams? INFORM ME!


Louise said...

Ahw, Lexy! This is such a nice and brilliant post. I like your NYE, sounds really nice. It kind of freaked me out the first time I realized we're all going somewhere else and taking a different path. But that's life, huh.

I also like to think that 2012 will be amazing. I hope it will be brilliant for you too. And that you enjoy the rest of your 'year of'. (It's one of the best years of your life for some time, trust me)

That hat is so ... happy. Happy New Year!

weasel said...

Happy New Year

Charlie said...

Happy New Year! I hope my 2012 will be great as well, 2011 was a year for me at least of growing up and discovering what I actually wanted for my life, and that all the stupid things I thought were important before weren't as important as I thought (I was answering your question at the end of the post, hehe >.<). And hopefully 2012 will be a whole nother year of amazing posts from Quirkyexplosion!

Lydia said...

I stayed in New Year's too, for like the first time ever. I think that at midnight, I was on my couch watching "My So-Called Life," and my boyfriend was asleep in bed already.

These pics are super cute. I love your little hats. 2011 may have been a year of goodbyes for you, but I think you are about to embark on a whole new era of your life. In a good way.

Ali said...

Your new years sounded like fun!! My kinda people! :D I didn't do much but be on tumblr. I'm so festive, eh? :D

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Awwww yeah, that's the best way to spend New Years. I spent the night watching Friends re-runs with my parents and drinking champagne. It was honestly a night like any other, but there was that small tingling that maybe things are changing.

I wish you all the best in 2012!!! And I can't wait to hear what you are going to be doing this year.

I'm anticipating 2013 as my year of goodbye's, but 2012 might as well be preparation. It's time to start thinking about grad school's and career options since I want to start applying in the summer.

Anyways, all the best to you Lexy!!!

maphi said...

happy new year :D xoxo

Mrs. April said...

I wasn't thrilled with 2011. Not to a downer here, but it was not a good year. And I haven't quite figured out what 2012 will hold. Who knows, right?

My New Years was weird. I had to work both days, but on New Years Eve night I was... under the influence and apparently I had a spark of GENIUS because when I woke up I realized that I had written stuff with a Sharpie all over my legs. I couldn't read most of it. I dunno, man.

Meg said...

2011 was an interesting year with lots of ups and downs; jobs followed by unemployment, trips followed by debt, and getting used to being married made last year a bit of a bumpy ride. 2012 will be about getting things on the right track on all counts. Booyay!

Rachel said...

aw, you're such a cutie! Sounds you had a great new years, I spent mine with friends, saw a fun band play, and didn't do anything TOO crazy. I'm hoping this year will bring a lot of change, and hope to make a lot of projects happen. I'll be taking some risks this year, that's for sure!

morgan. said...

too cute. what kind of camera do you have!?

Isabel Spectre said...

happy new yeaaaar! your NYE celebrations sound way more interesting and fun than mine were haha! I hope 2012 is a good year for you, and I hope you do learn a lot about yourself.. Taking a year off is a good idea!! Graduation is such a weird time.. Happy new year :)

Daniel said...

A little late but have an AWESOME year ! ♥ you

Through the eyes of Leah said...

have a great year and i love your blog by the way it has great art and sometimes has strange post but love it