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They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Consequently, Y'ALLZ SHOULD LOVE ME. As I've been absent. For a sufficiently long time. And now? You appreciate me. Yeah. You're welcome. This wide gap of posting was not, ahem - NOT, a result of sheer laziness or procrastination. Psh, no. This was a well-thought out, political blogging move. You know. I'm brilliant...

I hope that you all have had a wonderful holiday season. I, myself, have. I'm a complete, total and utter holiday dork. I pass by window displays and clap like an idiot. I literally skipped home the other day when I saw about 2mm of snow on the ground! Heck, I even listen to Christmas carols at home. (AND I WORK IN RETAIL. They play that crap for all 8 hours of my shift.) So MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! (That would be in red and green to emphasize my love for the holidays. But let's face it, I'm a lazy blogger.)

I've recently been waking up and just thinking to myself, "Wow. It's just amazing to exist." I've been feeling fairly nostalgic these days. It's something about Christmastime that makes you do that. It's like a tradition. I'm completely enthralled and scared by the speed in which life is whizzing by. My past four months in Toronto have been amazing - and ridiculously speedy. My eyeballs have seen much and I'm feeling very lucky to just BE ALIVE. Maybe it's naivety speaking to me?

I have a lot on my mind. But it's all winking dreams and excitement and adventure. I want to wish on every star in the sky and send you all peace and love and harmony. I don't know what 2012 will be bringing, but I know that it is very exciting.

I wish I could say that I'll be back to regular blogging, but I've been a busy bee. I have been spending lots of times with family and loved ones, and that's all I could ask for. I'm trying to learn how to exist with gratitude and energy and love because life is too short for anything but.

I know this post is a little jumpy-pumpy, but I guess I just want to say this: I truly hope you are all have a beautiful holiday. I hope you are spending it with friends and family and yourself and taking the time to live and love. I hope you are happy to exist. We are very lucky creatures. The world is a beautiful place. Happy Holidays!

P.S. Aside from, ahem, the strategic politics of my lack of posting (er?), another reason for the posting delay (you know, a subtle one) would be a result of CHRISTMAS GOODIES. I love anything crafty and figured my time off school would be a perfect time to indulge in some snipping and clipping and sending out itsy treasures to beautiful people I've gotten to know during my high school experience (ah, my youth...). Enjoy! I would send one to each and every one of you, if I could. There's something about handmade cards and carefully written letters and mailing that I wish existed more. So I was all, IMMA BRING 'ER BACK. What a leader!

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Happy Holidays, beautiful creatures!
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Hazelnut said...

Merry Christmas to you!! :)
I miss your outfit posts...

duckalicious said...

these are really awesome, you should be selling them!

Lyosha said...

Merry Christmas! this cards are fantastic!

Inside and Outside Blog

Quinn B said...

Those cards are so awesome! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too!

Anonymous said...

Woa! these cards took my breath away :) Absolutely amazing. I agree with duckalicious, and think you could make a real fortune!
Hope you had LOVELY christmas and that you enjoy the rest of your holiday :) xxx

Ali said...

HOLY BAJEEBUS WOMAN you did all of those?! They're amazing! They're 50000x better than anything Hallmark could do. So neat and personal. You rock. I have missed you. I have been gone, too, so do not worry. Hope you ahd a good Christmas!

Nieke said...

Mygosh I haven't been commenting on your posts for such a long time. So sorry! Love these cards, so amazing! And still absolutely adore your style.


Style Porn said...

These cards fill me with an indescribably joy. Can you send me one next year?

And the nostalgic thing isn't just about the holidays. It's a getting older thing. And it only gets worse, so, y'know. Gird yourself.

weasel said...

Amazing cards!
Have a great time

Anonymous said...



Kailey said...

Those cards look in cred i ble! I hope you had a lovely Christmas Lexy!

Louise said...

Aw, yay! Lexy is back! :D I love your positivity and love and happiness and joy and... everything in this post! Thanks for cheering me up somehow, it's always the trick to have a positive mindset to get you to do whatever you have to.

I hope you had an amazing Christmas, because you really deserve one. I hope you'll be back soon with some outfit posts, but either way... I hope you have a lovely new year's eve! (and a special 2012 of course)

Lydia said...

Wow your cards are so awesome!!! I'm so jealous of how talented you are.

Melody said...

These cards look so purdy!

And eee, I can't believe time is flying by soo fast :C

jess said...

Those cards are really amazing. They have so much detail.

Flow Disruption said...

These are gorgeous, Lexy! Happy holidays! Having gratitude and energy is what life's all about. You always exude both! :)

Meg said...

I'm a little late to the party, but happy 2012 These cards are gorgeous.

Don't worry so much about the posting - it's no fun if you're forcing yourself to post every day. Balance is hard, but we like you and we'll be here whenever you get back. ;)