robots need love too

Here's a shocking fact for you (sarcasm): I've never been a sports person. In fact, I can go as much as saying: I used to hate sports. Yes. Hate. When I was a kid, this hatred stemmed from the idea of "losing." Not me losing, per se. (I wasn't much of a sports kid.) But the other people, the other team. I would watch basketball on television with my dad and cry for the losing team. I felt so bad for them. All the hard work! All the hours! All the dreams! All the hope! For nothing?! I came up with the best solution: coaches and team members on both teams should always have a secret agreement to always just tie. Agree to ensure the scores were even. Agree to ensure that they played at the same pace. Then, nobody would lose! Everybody's a winner!!!! Duhhh! went the lightbulb in my seven-year-old brain.

Today, I wouldn't say that I hate sports. Like art, they are filled with passion and talent and dedication and dreams and all those things are very beautiful. But, still. I'm a total child. Why can't everyone be a winner? Why are we so caught up in winning and losing, anyways?

The video and song below propelled this memory. It's magnificent (and by a Canadian musician! boo yeah, Canadian pride!). I couldn't believe it but, at the end of the song, I had tears in my eyes. Really. I'm a total dweeb.

I don't know why we always fight with hate. Love is so much more beautiful, so much more powerful. Live and love.

I hope you all have a beautiful day.


A said...

I have to say I completely agree with you on the hating sports thing! I never thought about, why cant both teams win though! What a concept!

missy pig said...

You're like an angel, what a pure mind you have!
But I can't agree...I love the competition with sports. :) It's like.... RAWRRRR!!!!


competition and me don't mix, because of the decisive winner and loser. but I like your everybody's a winner idea best :) I think sports are great for the obvious benefits but the core competition just kills me nerves. the video has such a cool take on it.

jess said...

I'm not a fan of sports because I wasn't too good at them. Hand-eye coordination not the best thing for me and basketball relay scarred me for life.

Audrey Allure said...

Fun video!

Haha, I only like watching tennis - only because I used to play. There's a thrill of winning, but when you lose, there's still the thrill of giving all you got.

Marisa Noelle said...

I have to like sports in my household....even if I hate them, my hubs is a born and raised Philadelphian so Philly teams are on rotation like all the time...whatever. Though I do love soccer and tennis. As for me, I am horribly competitive but so not athletically inclined. I run like a girl...a girl with big boobs that is, so the two just don't work out. Now that I rambled, I love the song and the video both...going now to itunes to find this beauty:)

The GUILTY HYENA said...

I think I was slightly a sensitive kid, and I never understood the competitiveness and thirst for winning. I have mostly always rooted for the underdog than becoming a glory hunter.

Having said that, I'm actually a big spectator of sports, of football (soccer) tennis pretty much most things. I agree everyone should compete with love.. but unfortunately there's always the few who make it personal, thus fueling rivalry and hate, ego's are sometimes fragile in sport.

Above all, I believe in fair play and good sportsmanship. And hey in soccer you can have a score draw which means both sides don't have to lose!