because if you can sing along, then it's so much funner!

Outfit from when knows when. Golly, time flies. This week has been a little insane, but I think insanity's good. It keeps things interesting. Spent this week working backstage at a play. I'm not *supposed* to (OMG, rebel much?!), but I like to peek from an inch-wide hole in the curtain and observe at the audience. Everyone else just lies around reading lines or murmuring amongst themselves, but I prefer to look at the audience and see the people, see what the response is. People are fascinating to me and it's sad how many people we see and how little we know about them.

Outfit from awhile back (deju vu! I said that before, oh snap! Snap! Snap!). The play has been fun to work on, but MAN - without the intention of sounding super arrogant - I've been stuck in all black outfits all week. SO WEIRD. An outer-body experience. ("Lexy, I've never seen you look so normal!" I take it as a compliment. Normal reads boring.)
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The snow has been INSANE around here. Yet, still no snow day. Canadian weather is such a let down, eh? (Ha-ha. Get it? Eh? Canada? Yeah. It's late, i'm allowed. To re-use unfunny jokes, that is. See previous posts about Olympics and what not wherever they are.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oh, and by the wayyyy, Can I get a F? Can I get an I? Can I get and E? Can I get a R? Can I get a C? Can I get a E? What does that spell?!?! (I hope someone actually answers this. Typing all those letters was pretty exhaustin' for my fingertips.)
But yeah, top model here. I'd do Tyra proud, me thinks. (NOTE: sarcasm)
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Some awkward tights formula. Purple tights + Pink tights + Black net tights = Magic? Um, maybe not quite. More like, a scrunched up texture at the belly and lots of strange looks. But, you know, same thing?!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Apparently "layering" was the theme of this outfit. Look at dem necklaces! Hey hoooo, whoopdeyyy woooahhh.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Dress - Vintage $15, Blazer - Value Village $7, Pink and Purple tights - H&M $5 each, Black tights - Winners $7, Shoes - Mum's, Belt - Dad's, Accessories - Assorted)

Going back to my beginning ramblings, I guess I can sometimes borderline on anti-social. I'm often so engrossed in observing people. What makes them tick? Their heart flutter? Their energy explode? I like to look inside cars and homes (BUT I'M NOT AN UBER CREEP, I PROMISE) and wonder "what are their lives like?" I guess there's that air of mystery to life and the people that you meet, but it also makes you wonder how many people you DON'T meet or know, just because you don't ever crossed paths. There are so many interesting people beyond the bubble of my daily life and I really wish I could meet them all. Ugh.

Wow. Such a profound post...

Any thoughts to add? Because I'll feel like less of a loser. I mean, no, commenting your opinion WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


lollipops make da world go round

Dear fashion,

Thank you for being an escape for this crazy thing we called life. I like you quite a bit. You are adventurous, fun, reliable, exciting, and fast-paced. You are very misjudged, but I see you for who you really are. Many people have a hard time understanding you. They shouldn't. They should have fun with you.

You rock,
Don't ever change.


I say this essentially every time I post a tag, but it's very much the truth: I am a tag fail. But I thought I'd post this one from TheTrendyDwarf because it's fun (he made it up!) and he's my buddy. Check out his blog! He's, like, the most frequent post-er ever so it's pretty rad.

Seven things j'adore about fashion:
1. People thinking I'm a lot more interesting then I actually am when they see my outfits. Because I'm actually rather boring. But people assume otherwise. (So, yes, I'm manipulating you all. HAH.)
2. Collections that make you stop and think "WOW. Fashion is art. You can't argue with that." (Alexander McQueen was the KING of this. R.I.P.)
3. The thrift/ vintage shop experience. Well-dressed male specimens at such shops are an added bonus.
4. Spending hours being incredibly engrossed in the world of fashion, whilst desperately seeking for a way to become a part of such world.
5. Bright tights that make people take a double glance.
6. Laughing at teenagers who have, somehow, fallen onto the bandwagon of trends and look silly because of it.
7. Actually having a passion and not stuck in a phase of "whatamigoingtodowithmylife?!"

(tell me! tell me! tell me!)

(sorry updates are on the slow-go this week - HEY, I WARNED YOU - but if you, say, follow my twitter, the common thread between this week's tweets is that I'm possibly the bitter-est tweeter ever. Hey, it's a busy week! Promise for a good outfit post this weekend. Pinky - yes, PINKY, this is getting serious! - promise. Wow, this is the longest body of words in brackets potentially ever.)

Thanks for stopping by! And sharing why you love fashion? (err, I think YES.)



*Note: I'm not actually in New York ADM (at da moment). I was. But not now. But this title sounded cool. So. Yeah. Anyways. Onto the post...

Recap: I went to New York City last weekend, woot woot! It was oodles of fun. One downside was that I'm apparently a blogger fail and acquired approximately 3 pictures. So here they are? Enjoy? Yay? Yeah.

1. Because I'm a tourist and this is what we do. (Slash, I was getting irritated with tourists. I think this is a sign that I'm a real New Yorker. Yesss! Don't burst my bubble; it is a sign, and signs do exist...)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
^ It's always fun to look at the dirty stares you get at in the background of the picture. Score!

2. McQueen Tribute at Saks. Almost brought a tear. Even more beautiful close up. I genuinely miss McQueen, eventhough it's not even Paris Fashion Week yet. Good to celebrate his amazing creations, though. Sososo stunning.
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3. THE TENTS a la Bryant Park (ciao!). Because... I'm a complete dork? Ahem. I mean, cool person. This is normal. Pfft, all the fashion people take pictures of themselves stalking the tents. DUHHH.
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One other down-side: would've been nice to have taken pictures of THE PROJECT RUNWAY PEOPLE. I mean, as nonchalant and fashiony as I OBVIOUSLY am (you know, standing there with the sour look of "whatever" on my face. Pretty much my trademark look, by now.), I had a moment that revealed my utter dork-dom. Whilst waiting for the Parsons tour, some revolutionary events occur:

1. Project Runway Season 7 contestants ran up the stairs, right past me. (I haven't actually been watching this season - GRR CANADA WHY DO THINGS START AIRING A MILLION YEARS AFTER?! - but I recognized them from the magazine ads.)

2. Michael Kors SAID HI TO ME. (For the record, I don't actually like his work, but still. It's quite amazing.) This really revealed my crown to the dork-dom:
Mum: [whispers] Hey, I think that's Michael Kors.
Me: [look up] Oh my god. Oh my god. oh my god. It's MICHAEL KORS!!!!!
Michael Kors: Hi guys! How are you?
Me: [Speechless. Stumbles for camera on phone. Fails.]
Michael Kors: [goes up on elevator.]
I think this means that we are best friends.
The end.

3. I saw Heidi Klum! I managed to stay calm, cool, and collected. She came in smiling and all heidi-y. Cooool.

4. Nina Garcia WAVED AT ME AND ALMOST SMILED AT ME. She came in. I was going for nonchalant. But then I decided to wave at her. She waved back. She also almost smiled genuinely. I think we have a connection.

So yeah. That's my trip. I love New York.

Updates will be on the slow-down this week. Busybusybusy. Haven't even caught up on NYFW!
Buuuut, which ones MUST I check out upon a free moment? AKA, what were your FAVOURITE shows?! Do tell.

(So don't be alarmed if it's a week-long hiatus. I'll try for otherwise.)


go love, take two.

Because I'm just so full of love?

Tim Burton. Who else? LOVE. (Subtle pun intended. As in, I love these. As well as, they are about love. Ooooh, look at my wittiness!)
EDIT: in response to some humorous - but inaccurate - comments, TIM BURTON is the genius behind the next three illustrations, NOT moi. Mine is the comparably lame one at the end :)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Who's excited for Alice in Wonderland? Who who who? 3D is like a cherry on top of this sure-to-be amazingness. I'm very eager. Eeek.
In contrast, who saw Valentine's Day? Who who who? This movie appears to be. Um. Well, if you need 20 million stars to entice people, then really... But you know, could be/ have been amazing? (But, SERIOUSLY. Listing the celebrities takes half the trailer. HALF I TELL YOU, HALF. Why, oh why?)

My own Valentine's Day doodleage. Fun fact: this wasn't actually inspired by Tim Burton, as I saw 'em after. (Erm. Why would I post mine after his AMAZING illustrations? Completely different leagues. Tim Burton > Me. Like, Lizzie McGuire > Hannah Montana. Like, Canada > every other country. Mwahahha. Sorry. I felt the need to invoke some C-country spirit as my Olympic-watching has been limited to recaps on the radio. So unpatriotic. So.)

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
So yeah. Spread the love, y'all.

And just for fun because I feel like sharin' it...
Current Minor Obsession:
Lookin' at middle aged/ elderly people and imagining them in high school. Who were their friends? Partiers? Socially awkward? Annoying? It's actually a tad of an unhealthy obsession. Now I'm imagining all my classmates as middle-aged and it's getting a little nostalgic, already. When will our last interaction be? Will they be successful? Is he going to end up on the streets? Settle just to settle? I'm definitely setting myself for a hardcore mid-life crisis. Yikes.

But man, I do not want to settle for mediocrity. Slash not accomplish what I want to and end up settling just for blah. One of my fears.
What are your thoughts on this?
Mediocrity? Dreams? Even middle-aged men (because... Just because)?

Erm, so anyways... Somehow I translated love into melancholy? Um. Sorry. GO LOVE. YAY! :D :D Insert peppy talk yadda-yadda.

Tehe. Anyways. Thanks for stopping by!
NYC post ASAP. (Don't get to excited. Bad blogger = Few pictures.)



elle oh vee eeeeee.

I love smelling the roses.
I love eating the chocolate.
I love the big teddy bears.
Just kidding.

Wow . I'm such a poet; this is my freestyle poetry. Quite deep stuff, I know. I think it's very symbolic of, ermm, anyways. I basically don't really like Valentine's Day (I categorize it as "neutral," along with the likes of New Years, Birthdays, and, well, lots of holidays because I'm grinch). But, I thought I'd do a Valentines-y post because uhh... Go love! Woot, woot!

The artistic idea behind this picture was to invoke the image of a dead doll, representing umm... Um. Well, not actually. But let's pretend. Because then I succeeded. At looking like a dead doll, that is. So, yessss?
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Irony: this outfit was 100% NOT intended to be Valentine's-esque. (From last weekend, in fact.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And more irony? This heart on my face? NOT PLANNED. Unexciting story behind it: I was the volunteer for face painting and practiced on my face. I think it should be a new trend.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Because I'm.... Fierce? Urhhh, don't answer that.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Going for a fuzzy theme. Because it has to do with how Valentine's day invokes cuddles and um. OKAY FINE. This outfit/ shoot had no thought process behind it. I'm just trying to sound intellectual. JEEEEEZ.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Blazer - Value Village $7, Shirt - Vintage $3, Skirt - Homemade, Tights - Thrifted $7, Belt - Dad's, Jewelry - Assorted, Shoes - Old Navy)

Anyways, obviously I love Valentine's Day* (slash not really but shhh). I'll just say Happy Valentine's Day! And leave it at that. More Irony (because that seems to be the underlying them of this post): there will be a second part to this post because apparently I'm just full of love...

Thanks for stopping by!
Any great plans for YOUR Vday? (If you didn't guess, I didn't do much!)

*While I'm wishing y'all a happy Valentine Day, I might as well go for the: Happy Olympics begin (go Canada, ehh?!)! Happy NYFW begins (Favourite shows thus far?)! Happy Chinese New Years (Go red bags!)! Happy Family Day (Go Random Canadian Holidays!)! Happy Black History Month!
Pheeeew. I think that covers it all.


1969 - 2010


Thank you for leaving some of the most beautiful works of art for the world to enjoy. I've always viewed you as the God of Fashion.

I can't believe it.


Having a hard time enjoying NYFW. No one compares to the mastery of McQueen. No one. Feels like there's a hole in the fashion world. McQueen is irreplaceable.


food for thought..

because i can only tweet 140 characters...

"The one I always think about is the thinking man's sex symbol. Women as a gender are more complex, layered, and interesting than men, I personally find. A beautiful girl is a beautiful girl, but a beautiful girl with brains is a lethal combination."

- Prabal Gurung

Woohoo, girl power!

Isn't it so much fun discovering more about people? I love unlayering the layers and learning unexpected things about people I hardly know. Intelligence almost always triumphs. That and good charisma and good energy. Ironically, I'm more intrigued by "quiet" people - quiet people usually have a lot to say; they just don't buy into that high school bullcrap. I love to talk to people I never talk to. Much more talking with most of my friends.

Shucks, is that weird?


and writing cheesy love letters in french is one of the best assignments. ever.

I hate excuses. Like, when people are like "well, I would've buuuutttttt...." It drives me crazy. Therefore, I will not excuse myself for not blogging because the internet didn't connect. Because I don't like excuses and that would be hypocritical. Wow, this is a negative way to start the post.

I mean, oh hhhhaaeyyyy girlz and boyz! Whhhatz up, lov-ahz?
(P.S. Story above? TRUE ONE.)

Outfit from awhile ago. Kind of reminds me of one I wore awhiler ago. Weird story (not really a story, a fact?): after blogging, I feel incredibly UNobligated to re-wear outfits. This is supremely dorky but I have a very big moment of "oh darnit. What if someone who reads my blog sees me in an outfit they've already seen?!" Which is incredibly unrealistic, but OH YOU BLOG. The things you do with my mind. Do you guys re-wear outfits? (this is a very shallow topic. Yes, I know. Don't insult it.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Recently been drawn towards the combination of more pastel colours and black accents. There's something a little glamorous (flouncyyy, flouncc-ayyy. Fergie-ferg reference anyone?) about it. I feel like it's a sign of dearspringtimepleasevisitmethanks.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Details: this is essentially almost always - but not always always - the combination of bracelets/ rings I wear to school with my uniform. This vest is always a little bit of oohlala in ma life. And my tights are actually more violet, not gray.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Dress - Value village $15, Alpaca Vest - Peru $35, Skirt - Pacific Mall $7, Tights - H&M $12, Belt - Dad's, Jewelry - Assorted)

Generally speaking, I hate mainstream music. (Although I guess I'm listening to some mainstream stuff from back in the day. Currently infatuated with the likes of the Clash, the Modern Lovers, the Cure, and the Replacements). Something with the overplayed/ overhyped/ overprocessed thing about it. Or maybe because I feel like I'm super artsy going through my ipod and thinking "Hey, wow. I don't even know who this artist is. And I downloaded it." But um anyways, the point of the story is I currently have this song continuously stuck in my head.

WHY? Oh I don't know. MAYBE BECAUSE I'M GOING TO NYC THIS WEEKEND. (can I get an "EEEEK?") Totally a coinky-dink (yes, I used to say that when I was in grade 5. yes, I still say it now) that my long weekend falls on fashion week. I'm SO excited. Is anyone going to be there? Is anyone looking forward to fashion week? Is anyone going to invite me to some shows? (see how I drew you in by asking you some general questions before getting to what I really want? Media ploy. Yup, that's right. My blog is actually intended to manipulate with your minds. HAH!)

Um, anyways. Yeah. I'm excited (duh.) Since this post primarily consists of frothy subjects (like, does anyone, like, re-wear their, like, outfits? Oh wow. I just mocked myself?), I might as well continue on this road of sugar-coated vanity. Anyone have packing tips? There's the side of me that's like YOU SHOULD HAVE LOTS OF OUTFIT CHOICES as NYC is amazing and you must look amazing. And then there's the side that's like "Just pack two outfits and re-wear it." Oh wait, no. The latter is my mother. I'm going with rocking some outfits option. Any packing tips? I've been told to pack light. Darn.

Anyways, there's an enslew of vain, ahem fashion(-y-ish) questions. Here's one to break the ice(ish): what things are you looking forward to? It's always good to have something to look forward to to break from the repetitiveness of life!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I WILL visit blogs ay-sappp. Sorry that this has not been done for the past week. :/


i make me LOL.

So for those of you who read my posts, you know a little about me. For example, I like to look back at childhood (see last post). The only thing better than looking back, is LOOKING back (practically literally). I'm doing a mural for school and blah blah blah, the moral of the story is I was looking at my old stuff. SO FUNNY. But I had to share this because it seems kind of appropriate for a "Fashion Blog" (which I feel is an overused term, but whatevezz. I'm guilty of having one.)

Dear Fashionistas,
From a young age I have always loved fashion and art. I think that these pieces proves this. Meet my fashion illustrations at age 9 (ish). I think that the design aesthetic really shows how I'm a true designer. I really hope that you can see that my designs are beautiful. I want to wear them ALL. And dress every celebrity in these outfits, too. I mean, they are just so beautiful. Let them speak for themselves.
XOXO Love,

I don't know what's better: the mid-rift checkered top, the asymmetrical pink bow top with matching bell-bottoms, or the fire-y outfit. They're all pretty hot.

^ Oh, and do you see the squiggly legs and short arms. SO BEAUTIFUL.

I am now getting technical. Please note that the models are now interacting. I think this really illustrates my drawing skills. Not to mention the BEAUTIFUL bridesmaid dresses (I believe they were) and HAIRSTYLES (those buns MUST be on the runways this fall).

^I'd really like the dress with the swirls and the slash down the middle for Prom. Okay. Thanks.

This is my personal favourite. Since it's all Photobooth-y and reversed, I will translate for you. The left chick is "Cool Dude" (I mean, obvz. Hot pink striped shirt with some belly. Mhmm, cool.), while the far right is a "School Geek" (poor thing, I even labelled her wedgie). And the chick in the middle in simple flares, layered shirts, and a tee that says cool? Well, she's "In Between." Never made the cut, poor girl.

So, as you guys can tell, I was very talented. I think that I will be producing this outfits, ASAP. I'd really like you all to pre-order them because I know they will all be a hit. Especially my mid-driff tops.**

I was tagged by theTrendyDwarf and Diane for the Happy award (YAY! Thanks guys; it made me HAPPY. Hahaha. Okay, not pun-ny.). I know I'm a fail at responding to tags, but I thought this would be fun to list some things that make me happy. I'm pretending I'm all quirky and such and avoiding cliches, so don't think I'm heartless for not including friends and family.
1. The above stuff.
2. Cheery old people.
3. Innocent questions by little kids.
4. Value Village 50% off sales.
5. Mean girls that you can look and be like "Um, you're dumb."
6. Talking to random people you'll probably never talk to again.
7. Subway cookies.
8. Laughing at my unathleticism.
9. Going to bed late and still having energy.
10. Magazines coming in my mailbox.

There's a million other things, but I'm limited to ten. So there they are. And it's really not super significant things that make me super happy. Because otherwise that's just sad. Just clearin' the air before I get some "zomgyoursoheartless" comment.

What things make YOU happy?!
Oh, and how many of you would like to pre-order some of my age 9 fashion designs? They will go fast, I warn ya! (like, duhhh.)**

Thanks so much for stopping by! I will respond to comments this weekend.

**Because I'm quite confident that someone will NOT read my words/ is very slow (no offense) and thus think I am being serious, I am typing this to say YOU CAN LAUGH AT MY "FASHION SKETCHES." I spent about 20 minutes doing so. THEY ARE NOT REAL. Well, they are. But not from present-day. If I get a "Nice drawings xx" I will LOL. And not with you, but AT you.. My little drawings suck. I mean, no. They're beautiful...